Jennifer Morrison Wants to Meet George Clooney Under the Mistletoe

Jennifer Morrison has no hesitation to openly mention George Clooney's name when she is asked on who she wants to meet under the mistletoe.

AceShowbiz - Dating actor %cAmaury Nolasco%, %cJennifer Morrison% has a change of heart when it comes to whom she wants to meet under the mistletoe, mentioning the name of movie hunk %cGeorge Clooney%. She, however, doesn't disclose on why she chooses Clooney over Nolasco.

Asked about her holiday plans while attending the D&G flagship boutique opening on Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills on Monday night, December 15, she revealed "My whole extended family is coming from Chicago and flying in, so it's the first time I'll have Christmas at my house." She continued, "It's a lot of people to cook for, and we're gonna do a game day with a poker tournament and a Christmas movie marathon."

In line with Morrison, fellow actress %cRachel Bilson% also plans to spend her holiday with her family. "The things I look forward to about the holidays are staying at home and eating all my mom's food and cookies," so she said.

As for actor %cKevin Connolly%, he told reporters this holiday he is heading back to hometown, Long Island. On new year, "I'm definitely going to Cabo by myself", he said, adding that he doesn't know just yet on who he'll be sharing kiss with on that day.

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