'Survivor: Gabon' Winner Crowned

'Survivor: Gabon' Winner Crowned

The oldest 'Sole Survivor' to have been in the show so far has taken home the one million dollar prize.
The last standing person to win "Survivor" Gabon edition has been revealed. Warning spoiler ahead. Beating Susie Smith from Charles City and Jessica "Sugar" Kiper is, 57-year-old physics teacher Robert "Bob" Crowley. He won a close call, receiving four out of the seven votes made by the jury.

At his age, Bob officially is the oldest contestant in the history of the show to have won the competition as well as one of the contestants with the most consecutive immunity challenges, five in total. He, therefore, won the one million dollar prize and crowned "the sole survivor" over Susie who got 3 votes. Sugar meanwhile, received none.

The two-hour season finale on Sunday, December 14 was followed by a reunion show. Before leaving the camp to be back to their normal routine in the city, the final three literally set their camp that they had been living on for 39 days, ablaze. Susie said as she watched the fire, "39 days just like that. Done."

Host Jeff Probst last week revealed to Ryan Seacrest that the next "Survivor" will be taken to Brazil. No detail yet on which area of the South American country the new season will take place.

Update: CBS have released a red carpet interview with Bob.

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