Video: Demi Lovato Talks Holiday Traditions, Jonas Brothers, and Driving License

Demi Lovato

When talking about Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato only has good words for them, praising the siblings as "really great guys".
Disney star Demi Lovato had a brief interview with TVGuide's Jill Wilderman at the tree lighting event at The Citadel, talking about her holiday plans among the other things. "I always go home to Texas," so she said. "Every Christmas day, my Aunt Lisa, she cooks us breakfast. French toast and sausage and it's just so good. And we always go to my grandmother's house."

Already reaching the age of consent to obtain a driving license, she however admitted that she has yet able to legally drive because "I am still without a driver's license or permit." She moreover revealed she even has not taken her driver's education classes.

Asked about fellow Disney stars Jonas Brothers, all of whom are her close friends, she testified, "On their day off, they came to see my show [at the Roxy]. They came to support me and it was just awesome. They're really great guys and what you see is what you get."

Concerning her upcoming TV series "Sonny with a Chance," which is still in production, Demi felt optimistic about it, gushing "Each episode gets funnier and funnier. Hopefully you guys [the fans] will think the same." Her interview with TVGuide's Jill Wilderman is taped in the video below.

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