Selena Gomez and Mom Wear the Same Tops and Shoes

Selena Gomez

In an interview with OK! magazine, Selena Gomez says she and her mother wear the same tops and shoes, that's why they have the same closet.
Disney starlet Selena Gomez has no hesitation to dish more on her fashion style, telling OK! magazine in an interview that she and her mother Mandy "wear the same tops and shoes". That's why, the mother-daughter duo then turns Selena's guest room into their closet. "It's a mess!" the young girl admits.

Selena, moreover, also tells OK! that she used to be "a tomboy". Yet, "over the past year my wardrobe's gotten classier. I'm growing up," she says.

In addition to fashion style, Selena also talks about her best friend Demi Lovato, with whom she's been friends since she was still 7 years old. Speaking of a mutual relationship, she reveals, "I want the best for Demi, and she wants the best for me."

Selena then spills her secret passion for TV series "Friends," telling OK! magazine, "I watched it every single night before I went to bed. I am obsessed with it! I bawled when it was over." Expressing her admiration for Canadian movie star Rachel McAdams, she praises her as a "wonderful" person, adding "I'd have a heart attack if I met her!"

Prior to her interview with OK! magazine, Selena Gomez talked to Seventeen for its December/January issue, admitting she is obsessed with scarves. Demi Lovato, meanwhile, stated that she is mad about big bags.

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