Four Sneak Peeks to 'One Tree Hill' 6.10

Four Sneak Peeks to 'One Tree Hill' 6.10

Watch how Haley overcomes stage fright and sings at a USO concert in the four clips of 'One Tree Hill', 'Even Fairy tale Characters Would Be Jealous' episode.
Four brand new clips are given by The CW as a sneak peek to the 6.10 episode of "One Tree Hill". The episode that will take the cast of the show outside their daily routine, is centered upon a USO concert produced by Peyton where Haley has to overcome her stage fright and sing at the event.

Held at a Marine base, the concert involves also Angels & Airwaves plus singer Kate Voegele who plays as recurring character Mia Catalano in the series. Led by Enation band, Haley is introduced by Peyton in clip 1 and her singing gig is shown on the second clip. Third clip sees Haley exiting the stage, replaced by Catalano. Off the concert, the fourth clip brings a scene between Lucas and Peyton with the former taking easy on the latter's past romance with film director Julian.

The episode is titled "Even Fairy Tale Characters Would Be Jealous" after PlayRadioPlay!'s song and will air November 10.

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