Miley Cyrus' Jam-Packed Schedule at Her Sweet 16

The Disney starlet had to do interview with several local and international media during the bash, but still she claimed the celebration as "the coolest thing that has ever happened" to her.

AceShowbiz - The Los Angeles Times has just posted on its site an update on %cMiley Cyrus%' "Sweet 16 - Share the Celebration", giving people a peek of her jam-packed schedule during the star-studded event. Aside from all the commitments she had to complete during the 12-hour celebration, the Disney starlet got what she's been dreaming of, puppy, her parents gave her at the end of the celebration as birthday present.

Below is the list on Miley's schedule during her birthday party, held Sunday, October 5 at California's Disneyland:

  • Sat down for a one-on-one interview with "Good Morning America" at the Anaheim theme park
  • Hopped on the Indiana Jones Adventure ride with some kids from her favorite charity
  • Filmed a segment with the Food Network
  • Met with international media at Sleeping Beauty's castle
  • Gave an exclusive interview to Extra television in the Disneyland Dream Suite
  • Rode down the theme park's parade route in a vintage automobile
  • Raced through a gauntlet of media on the Purple Carpet
  • Jumped on a floating stage on the Rivers of America to entertain 5,000 fans with a four-song set ("See You Again," "Fly on the Wall," "Breakout" and "Girls Night Out")
  • Navigated through a mob of screaming fans surrounded by a phalanx of security guards before taking refuge with her boyfriend in the Dream Suite
  • Received a "Happy Birthday" serenade from her fans on Main Street U.S.A. followed by a "Best of Both Worlds" fireworks finale
  • Spent another two hours after the park closed riding her favorite attractions with friends and family
The arrival of some people into Miley's "Sweet 16 - Share the Celebration" is videotaped in the footage below.

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