Philip Seymour Hoffman Denies Batman Casting

Philip Seymour Hoffman

The Academy Award-winning actor opened up about the possibility of him being involved in the next Batman movie installment.
After Michael Caine let out a so-called confirmation about the Batman's foes casting rumor a while back, Philip Seymour Hoffman, the actor rumored to be portraying Penguin in "The Dark Knight" sequel, has finally spoken up about it. At the 33rd Annual Toronto International Film Festival on Tuesday, September 9, the 41-year-old stated to MTV News, "No one has talked to me about it ever - never."

Sounded similar to the reaction given by Johnny Depp who has been linked to the role of The Riddler, Hoffman put off the burning flame by confessing that he has never met director Christopher Nolan and the speculation is a mere rumor. "It happened, like, five years ago, too," he said. "It was a rumor back then and it's still a rumor. [laughs] It's just in the press. It's funny."

When asked about his interest in starring as the mobster-type criminal with high-tech umbrellas, he confessed, "I don't know. I think I'm more interested in seeing someone else do it. I don't know if I'd be a good Penguin to be quite honest." He also noted that as a fan of comic book movies, he intended to stay purely as a fan saying, "I'm such a fan of those movies. Comic book movies in general I look forward to - I am a real cheerleader for them."

"I want them to do well because those are terrific stories. As a kid I was a big comic book collector. What [Nolan]'s doing is taking it in a whole other exciting great place. I'm more a fan, so the interest of being in it isn't that great. It's more the interest in wanting to see the next one. It's probably better that way."

Following the massive success of "Dark Knight" on retaining the second slot of highest grossing movie of all time with $512.4 million nationwide, speculations about the possible sequel which is tentatively named "The Caped Crusade" has been streaming in, especially from the possible casting of the villains. Aside from Hoffman and Depp, other thesps linked to other Batman's foe, Catwoman, include singer Cher and "Wanted (2008)" star Angelina Jolie.

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