Wife Devastated Over Bernie Mac's Death, Sustaining in Her Faith in God

Bernie Mac, Rhonda McCullough

His sister in-law told People his wife Rhonda was devastated over his death, but is "at peace about his transition because of her faith in God. Her faith is what is sustaining her."
Friends and colleagues have offered their condolences for Bernie Mac's family following his death due to complications from pneumonia Saturday morning, August 9. As word spreads, tributes keep pouring in, his sister-in-law Mary Ann Grossett has a personal and touching interview with People, revealing his wife's reaction to his death.

To the magazine she revealed Saturday that her younger sister Rhonda McCullough was by Mac's side when he died. Their daughter Je'Niece was also there. Grossett went on revealing, that Rhonda was devastated. "However, she's at peace about his transition because of her faith in God. Her faith is what is sustaining her," so she said.

Having been together with Mac for 30 years, Rhonda started dating him when he had yet become a famous celebrity. "When they started dating, he said, 'Girl, you better come on board this train, because I'm going to be rich.' And her response was, 'Okay,' and they were married. That's how he charmed her, with his sense of humor," Grossett stated recalling the couple's early years. She added, "When they got married they were kids. He was 20 and she was 19. They both grew up together, and they both matured in this marriage."

Concerning their longtime union as husband and wife, which Grossett claimed as "unprecedented in today's time, particularly for celebrities," it brings joy to Rhonda. "They loved each other and respected each other on a daily basis. She was by his side to the very end," she said, adding that "What she will treasure the most is the fact that she was his wife for 30 years - and not only was she his wife, but she was his best friend. She's going to miss him dearly."

With a public memorial is planned for next Saturday Aug. 16 at The House of Hope church in Chicago, Mac's family requests that donations be made to the Bernie Mac Foundation for Sarcoidosis, 40 E. Ninth St., Suite 601, Chicago IL 60605.

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