'Transformers 2' Getting Prequel Story Through Mini-Series Comic

'Transformers 2' Getting Prequel Story Through Mini-Series Comic

With its teaser is said to possibly come out with 'Eagle Eye', 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' will have its background story explained in a comic book miniseries.
Much details about "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen", the highly anticipated sequel of 2007 hit "Transformers", are highly guarded, but it seems it won't last long. Recently, it has been confirmed that the Fallen in the film's title is indeed the main villain and before the sequel rolls out to the theaters in 2009, IDW Publishing will provide fans with background story of this new enemy.

Anticipating on the fans' possible questions to the sequel, the company announced that they will publish "Transformers: Destiny", a five-part prequel miniseries. The comic book set to be outed in December is made to tell the origin story of the Fallen as well as to bridge the gap between 'Reign of Starscream' comic books, which picked up after the end of "Transformers", and "Revenge of the Fallen".

"[We're going to] explore the background of The Fallen - the main villain of the movie - as well as expand on the 'Reign of Starscream' story that we're doing and tie everything in to what this next movie is going to be," revealed writer Chris Mowry as quoted by SplashPage. "The next movie starts out with just tons of action and there's obviously going to be a lot of questions, so we're hoping to answer some of those beforehand."

Furthermore, the writer who teams up with artist Alex Milne for the books explained that "Destiny" will also provide introduction of the new characters to be seen in the sequel. He also revealed bits about Decepticon's Soundwave stating, "He's not the backstabbing, visual G1-type character. He's more of like a military guy. So in 'Destiny' we're going to see a lot more involvement with [the backgrounds of] Prime and Megatron, [as well as] Cybertron's history and how that affects the present day."

On other "Revenge of the Fallen" news, writer Roberto Orci noted in Don Murphy message boards that the first teaser trailer of the sequel probably will be unveiled with the theatrical screening of "Eagle Eye", which is set for September 26 release. Meanwhile, "Revenge", which is directed by Michael Bay and starred by Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox and Josh Duhamel among others, will hit big screen on June 26, 2009.

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