2008 San Diego Comic Con Wrap Up (Part 2/2)

2008 San Diego Comic Con Wrap Up (Part 2/2)

Giving an update to the previous recap report of the 2008 San Diego Comic Con, Aceshowbiz summed up the final two days of the special event below.
With the 2008 San Diego Comic Con wrapping up on Sunday, July 27, more and more news as well as posters and footages about upcoming feature films were pouring out. The last two days of the special event (July 26 & July 27) were filled with posters from "Watchmen" to updated report from "G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra".

Providing a follow-up report to the previous San Diego Comic Con Wrap Up, Aceshowbiz let out the recap of these final two days at the Comic Con.

"Watchmen" Character Posters

Hypening the expectation of Zack Snyder-directed "Watchmen", DC Comics present eight new posters of the Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' comic book adaptation. The posters expose both Silk Spectre, Laurie Juspeczyk and Sally Jupiter, Rorschach, Comedian, Dr. Manhattan, Nite Owl and Ozymandias. All of the new character posters can be seen below.

"G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra" Details Shared

Bringing in bits of detailed information about "G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra", writer Stuart Beattie unveiled that some of the key characters have had romantic relationship with each other either in the past or present time. Beatie confessed that Duke played by Channing Tatum and the Baroness portrayed by Sienna Miller were former lover, in fact the pair were fiancees but the relationship broke out when Duke left her at the altar. Another romance can be seen between Ripcord and Scarlett who allegedly can be seen flirting in the film. Apart from the four characters, viewers can also see the dynamic between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow who are childhood friends.

Sharing more, the panel which consists also consultant Larry Hama and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura noted that the movie is intended to be the first of many movies. It will provide the background story of the Joes and Cobra. "Rise of Cobra" is set for August 7, 2009 theatrical release.

"X-Men Origins: Wolverine" Footage Leaked

During the presentation of the forthcoming "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" some footages were being exposed, here below are the leaked video footages presented in two parts.

Part I:

Part II:

"I Am Legend 2" Update

On Saturday, July 26, "I Am Legend" director Francis Lawrence discussed about the future plan for the action horror's second film. Talking exclusively to Shock Till You Drop, the filmmaker revealed that the new project will be a prequel and Will Smith is most likely to come back for the main role.

Revealing more of his plan, he stated, "In the prequel, it's slightly different because it's earlier. We were three years later so we did a lot of research into the way nature would have sort of overtaken the city, with the cracks in the streets and the weeds, so if it's just back earlier, it'll be slightly different so the approach will be different. We're not positive of the time of the year, because if you go in winter, you can do some entirely different kinds of things."

"Red Sonja": Cast and Crew Interview

Providing fans with an in-depth understanding of the heroine movie, director Douglas Aarniokoski, writer David White, producer Robert Rodriguez and actress Rose McGowan sat down with ComingSoon.net to talk about the Millenium Films's action adventure. Catch the full interview on ComingSoon.net.

"Up" Teaser Trailer

The latest animation film from Pixar, "Up", has teased Comic Con's attendees with the sneak peak into the movie's teaser trailer. Directed by Pete Docter and Bob Peterson, it is set to be outed on May 9, 2009.

"Up" Teaser Trailer:

M. Night Shyamalan's "Avatar" Discussed

Providing their insight on "The Last Airbender", the adaptation movie of "Avatar" television series, creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko talked to IGN about their plan on making the adaptation into trilogy as well as their different point of view with Paramount Pictures on the adaptation movie.

"It's going really well. We love the script, and working with [M. Night Shyamalan] it's been really collaborative and he's been really respective of us and the material, and we've been able to help out on some of the artwork, and consulting," shared Konietzko. "It'll be a pretty faithful adaptation of season one, that's the first movie, and hopefully there'll be two more after that."

Adding to Konietzko's comment, DiMartino stated, "From day one when [Paramount Pictures] said they wanted to do a live-action movie, we wanted it to be its own thing. We already did the series, we did it our way and we want the live-action thing to take on a life of its own. We're excited to see it reinterpreted."

"Terminator Salvation" Footage Description

On Saturday, July 26, morning, director McG and "Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins" cast give out an early look into the under-production film. The footage begins with a descending overhead shot of John Connor coming out from the scene of a helicopter crash. In the background, a radio voice can be heard asking, "Are there any survivors?" After answering the question, Connor then walks off from the site.

Other clip displayed showed the face to face confrontation between Connor and Marcus Wright in which Connor threatened Wright saying, "If I let you down, you'll kill everyone in this room...You tried killing my mother. You killed my father. You will not kill me." The footage screened also brought forward several obscured shots of T-600s and many others. Additionally, on the occasion, McG also announced that "Terminator Salvation" teaser trailer will be attached to "Quantum of Solace" which will be released in theaters on November 7.

"Underworld: Rise of the Lycans" Trailer Desc Plus Interview With Rhona Mitra

The third day of the exhibition also marked the highlights of "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans" with its first trailer being debuted there. Although no footage of the trailer has been available as yet, its description has been outed. The trailer allegedly shows the numerous battle scenes of the vampires versus werewolves plus Michael Sheen's character Lucian encouraging the Lycans to step up against their vampire overlords.

Several stills from the movie have also been unveiled and compiled on Entertainment Weekly, while an interview from MovieWeb with the flick's main actress Rhona Mitra can be watched below.

Wes Craven on Taking "Scream 4"

While promoting his latest movie "25/8", director Wes Craven took time to gush out on the possibility of "Scream 4". Under certain condition, the popular scream fest film may win the director's participation and the production by Weinstein company.

"There has been talk between Bob Weinstein and me about doing another 'Scream,'" Craven told MTV News before continuing "I don't know whether that's been made public so I'll deny this. I never said it!". He added that should the movie is given a green light then there's possibility that the original screenwriter Kevin Williamson will also be brought back.

Friday the 13th Bootleg

A remake of Sean S. Cunningham's 1980 horror movie of the same name, "Friday the 13th" chronicles the brutal murder of a group of young councilors by the masked serial slasher Voorhees. Directed by Marcus Nispel and set to come out on February 13, 2009, it stars Derek Mears as the new Voorhees and Jared Padalecki and Amanda Righetti as the lead characters. It is also supported by Danielle Panabaker, Aaron Yoo and Willa Ford. View the bootleg video!

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