Will Good Karma Take Side on 'Love Guru'?

Will Good Karma Take Side on 'Love Guru'?

Opening in theaters on the same day that Steve Carell's 'Get Smart' debuted, 'Love Guru' maybe facing a tough challenge on the box office since apparently, most critics agree to that.
Among the genius comics making a living in the movie industry, Mike Myers maybe considered to be one of the most successful comedians who has managed to deliver one blockbuster hit after another. Yet, like many other acclaimed actors, the Canadian funny man has experienced being loved as well as being gutted out by the movie critics throughout his acting career. With his latest comedy film "The Love Guru", Myers is trying to once again reach another box office success. But, it seems that this time, the good karma may not stay by his side.

Expecting a better Myers film for the follow-up to his other great movies, including "Wayne's World" and "Austin Powers", most of movie critics came out with harsh reviews on the new comedy. With only 2 out of 13 critics hailed it to be a fresh one, "Love Guru" looks like ought to be satisfied with the 15% rating given by Rotten Tomatoes. Stating his opinion about the star-studded movie, Variety's Brian Lowry noted that it "doesn't provide any grand insights about self-actualization" and worse it only offers "bathroom jokes, sixth-grade puns and silly songs". On the same degrading tone, another top critic Kirk Honeycutt of Hollywood Reporter slammed it with comment that "Not only does the film stumble badly from one skit to another, the skits themselves have too much dead air."

Though the critics agreed on throwing the same lousy reviews to "Guru", they still have some things that divided them. Since the movie starring also Jessica Alba and Justin Timberlake is having the same play date with the Warner Bros. Pictures' comedy "Get Smart", it is bound to be that reviewers compared "Guru" to the Steve Carell-starrer film. Though hesitantly, some reviewers have put their bets on "Guru" to be the one which has better opportunity to dig up treasure on the box office. For example, Lowry shared his prediction, "Opening opposite "Get Smart" isn't ideal, but coupled with lingering affection for the "Austin Powers" series, this might just be dumb enough to at least hold its own." Meanwhile, on the contrary to Lowry's, Honeycutt wrote on his review that "Guru" may not do better. "Quite possibly, 'Love Guru' will out-awful 'Get Smart'. Myers' name should ensure a respectable No. 2 finish, but all bets are off the following weekend," so claimed the critic.

Centering the story on a spiritual leader Pitka, "Love Guru" follows the American, who has been brought up by Indian gurus after he was left at the gates of an ashram when he was still a child, in his efforts to help Toronto Maple Leafs owner and coach in settling the rift between NFL star player Darren Roanoke and his estrange wife so that Roanoke could win the Stanley Cup. Trying to return the couple to marital nirvana, Pitka's unorthodox methods is put to a tough test as Roanoke's wife seeks for a revenge by dating L.A. Kings star Jacques Grande. Directed by Marco Schnabel, it features also Meagan Good, Romany Malco and Verne Troyer.

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