Sienna Miller Being a Maid in 'Nottingham'

Sienna Miller

The co-star of Keira Knightley in 'The Edge of Love' has confirmed that she has been tapped to play the noble Maid Marian in the twisted Robin Hood movie 'Nottingham'.
Throughout the years, Maid Marian, the lady companion of the ever so famous figure in English folklore Robin Hood, has been portrayed by various actresses, including Kate Moss, Audrey Hepburn, Uma Thurman and Amy Yasbeck, giving different interpretations to the legendary character from courageous and noble woman to a mischievous tomboy and skillful archer. In 2009, Sienna Miller is expected to bring a new air to this particular character through "Nottingham".

In an interview with BBC, the English starlet revealed that she has been signed to star as Marian in the new and twisted Robin Hood movie. Speaking to Colin Paterson, Miller confessed, "It's happening. I just found out. It's the most exciting news in the world." She also expressed her excitement in nailing the part saying, "I could not have a better part." Though obvious that the 26-year-old is excited with the news, she still offered a serious thought on whether or not the movie will actually be done. "It's ridiculous," she said. "But there's this looming actors' strike, so it's not 100 per cent sure that it's going to be made, but it's looking pretty certain."

By landing the leading role, the former lover of actor Jude Law is most likely to share the screen with Academy Awards-winning actor Russell Crowe, who has been attached to play Sheriff of Nottingham, and will definitely work under the direction of the notable helmer Ridley Scott. Commenting on the chance to team up with those two, the "Factory Girl" star noted that it was "as good as it gets".

"Nottingham" itself is a new drama movie for Universal Pictures. The movie is said to offer a different kind of Robin Hood tale because in it, the hero won't be the 'Prince of Thieves' instead the usually-described to be wicked Sheriff of Nottingham as the latter character is investigating the evil deeds done by Hood and his Merry Men. The story will be centered on the love triangle between Hood, Marian and Nottingham. With the script provided by Brian Helgeland, the film is scheduled to start its production in summer of 2008 for November 6, 2009 release.

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