Jason Statham's 'Death Race' Trailer Debuted

Jason Statham's 'Death Race' Trailer Debuted

In support to the remake of Roger Corman's 'Death Race 2000', Universal Pictures have premiered the first trailer of Paul W.S. Anderson's action movie starring Jason Statham.
Giving sneak peak into Paul W.S. Anderson's movie which is loose remake of Roger Corman's 1975 "Death Race 2000", Universal Pictures have released the trailer to "Death Race". The video footage pretty much provides the first real look into the explosive and action-packed movie. It also throws in the background story to the film.

Exposing the high octane action sequences of the action thriller movie, the more-than-two-minutes long trailer opens with general description of the deathly race itself from Terminal Island's warden accompanied with glimpses from the insane race. The footage continues showing a man coming into a prison which later is identified as Jensen Ames, a former racer. Knowing his potential of boosting the ratings of Death Race, the warden offers freedom to Ames if he is willing to join the race. With that, the spectacular race begins.

Besides the trailer, one can also see several new images from the action tidbit below and on the news' photo. Some of the pictures highlighted on Ames character, while the others show the still version of the wars among armored vehicles. Additionally, "Death Race" also gives out a chance to win a trip to San Diego Comic Con to meet the film's cast as well as to make a special appearance as a casualty of the Death Race which will be included in the DVD release of the film. Interested entrants can join the sweepstakes via UniversalStudios.com.

"Death Race" resolves around Jensen Ames, a three-time speedway champion with an ex-con record. At the time, he thinks he just manages to pull himself out of the rubble, he is framed for a murder he didn't do. Now, for the exchange of his freedom, he has to survive vicious three-day challenge known as "Death Race" where the most malicious criminals gather to fight for their own liberations. Starring Jason Statham, Joan Allen, Tyrese Gibson and Natalie Martinez, the movie is heading into theaters for August 22 release.

"Death Race" Trailer:

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