Video Interview: What 'Sex and the City' Cast Have in Minds of New Movie

Video Interview: What 'Sex and the City' Cast Have in Minds of New Movie

Nearing the theatrical debut of 'Sex and the City' movie, a video interview with the film's stars and director has surfaced on the net.
When fans last saw their four favorite and fabulous New Yorker friends, Carrie ended up together again with Mr. Big, Samantha survived her breast cancer battle, Miranda dealt with Steve's sick mother and Charlotte got to adopt a girl from China. Now, four years after the series ended on February 2004, fans are going to be able once again see the drama in the life of those four with the coming out of a movie version of the successful series.

Before the film is made, there is a say that some of the original cast are reluctant to come back. Still, after a long time awaiting, the movie is indeed made and all of its original stars, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon and Chris Noth excitedly reprise their roles. Addressing about what they think of the movie and the reason of which they finally agree to work together again, the four stars Parker, Cattrall, Davis and Nixon sit down with Movie Web on an interview discussing the forthcoming film.

The taped interview, which can be seen below, also features other stars like Noth and Jennifer Hudson. In it, Noth are talking about him being recognized as Mr. Big and what he has in mind about it, while Hudson discusses about joining the famous cast and working with Parker as Carrie's assistant. Additionally, director/scribbler Michael Patrick King shares his insight of the movie as well stressing that the film will be bigger and more dramatic than the series.

Set to be distributed by New Line Cinema in less than a week on May 30, "Sex and the City" is going to bring the story to the next level as Carrie is getting married to Big, Samantha has moved to L.A., Miranda deals with her less-than-perfect life and Charlotte is expecting a child of her own. The movie has been previewed earlier in London when it was premiered at Leicester Square, London on Monday, May 12 .

"Sex and the City" Interview:

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