Mariah Carey's Act in 'Tennessee' Panned and Hailed

Mariah Carey's Act in 'Tennessee' Panned and Hailed

As her latest feature film 'Tennessee' is nearing its debut on April 26, Mariah Carey received mixed reviews regarding her performance in the drama film.
Apparently one disastrous film won't keep Mariah Carey away from the movie industry as she has been involved in another feature film project called "Tennessee". In the indie drama film set to have its premiere at Tribeca Film Festival on Saturday, April 26, the pop diva will be seen portraying an aspiring singer abused by her husband. As many perhaps still remember her poor performance in "Glitter", the left-over question now is whether she will be better in this film than in the previous.

Early reviews concerning her acting skills in the Lee Daniels Entertainment's film come out with mixed feeling. In the article written by Leslie Gornstein of E! Online, it is clearly suggested that the multi-awards winning singer did no better than her Billie Frank rendition. Discussing about the reason behind the signing on "bad actors", Gornstein expressed her thought about Carey's act in the film as quoted, "SHE WAS BAD".

On the contrasting review, Roger Friedman of saluted the "Hero" hitmaker for her performance as Krystal stating that the former wife of Tommy Mottola has the least amount of cliche in the film. Further, Friedman noted that the part is still unsuitable for her as she couldn't hide her talent as a talented singer when required to portray a wannabe. He also noted that Carey would be better acting as a comedienne since she looks better in Mira Sorvino's "Wise Girls".

Coming from the "Monster's Ball" producer Lee Daniels, "Tennessee" follows the journey of two brothers, Carter and Ellis, who travel across the country to look for their estranged father in the hope to find cure for terminally ill Ellis. Along the way, they meet aspiring singer Krystal who eventually joins them in the journey and becomes their guardian angel. The film starred also by Ethan Peck and Adam Rothenbergsees the musical collaboration between Carey and country music legend Willie Nelson.

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