Exclusive Interview: The Veronicas on New CD and Immediate Plan

Exclusive Interview: The Veronicas on New CD and Immediate Plan

The sisters will soon take over the U.S. market with their second album 'Hook Me Up' and they are here to reveal plans and details of the effort.
Australian rocker sisters Jessica Origliasso and Lisa Origliasso who are molded as one under the moniker The Veronicas, take turns in answering our questions regarding their upcoming release. After grooming a success in their home country, they are set to release their sophomore effort, "Hook Me Up" Stateside this May. Everything from the album, the people behind it up till the video that they recently premiered are disclosed and peeled here.

ASB: Are you guys ready to conquer the States with your new effort, 'Hook Me Up'?

The Veronicas: We are very ready! Haha.. and not just the states.. the world!! Haha

ASB: What would you say is different in 'Hook Me Up' compared to your first album 'The Secret Life of...'?

The Veronicas: I guess each record is a good insight into who we are as artists and people.. but "Hook Me Up" musically has a bit more of an electro pop/rock beat to it. It's a good indication of how we've grown musically and what is inspiring us right now.

ASB: We heard that 'Untouched' will be the lead single of the U.S. version. True? What's the song about anyway?

The Veronicas: It is!! We are very excited because its one of our personal favorites on the record, and has already done amazingly well back home in Oz. Untouched is about a long distance relationship.. and having to interact over the technology of today.. talking to some one on the phone.. seeing them on video chat etc.. but not being able to physically touch them.

ASB: You had an impressive panel of producers (Toby Gad, Billy Steinberg, Greg Wells) behind the album. How do you guys feel working with them?

The Veronicas: Uhh obviously very excited haha. We knew the producers and writers we wanted to work with this time around because we had already gone through the process with 'The Secret Life of.."

ASB: Which among the tracks would each of you pick as your favorite to sing?

The Veronicas: It would probably be "Take Me on the Floor".. because it's got a rockin' dance beat to it.. so our fans usually rock out the most to it.. which obviously makes us have an awesome time up there!

ASB: The latest music video 'This Love' includes these 'two boys'. Would you elaborate what's the concept behind this?

The Veronicas: Well.. the song talks about having to leave for a while, and how you won't give up on the relationship and love while your away... something we can both relate to. The boys were in it to show a more real side to our relationships, and how hard it is to constantly have to leave someone.

ASB: You wrote most of your songs yourself. Where do you get the inspiration from?

The Veronicas: Life, just experiencing life, love and everything in between.

ASB: Who do you feel most honored to work with so far?

The Veronicas: There's been soooo many amazing people we've had the opportunity to work with. John Feldmann would definitely be up there

ASB: 'Hook Me Up' has not listed any collaborations with other artists, think you may include one someday?

The Veronicas: Sure.. if it was the right thing, we'd love to.

ASB: What's the immediate plan after releasing the album in May? A tour maybe?

The Veronicas: Yes we will be touring non-stop for the next few months throughout America. Check our myspace for tour dates!

ASB: This may come quite old but it got us curious, have you two always like the same kind of music?

The Veronicas: We love all types of music.. we've always been very open minded ever since we were younger. But the more new music we discover the more inspired we get.

ASB: Being a role model for many teens and probably older ones out there, what would you say the best thing of being a musician?

The Veronicas: Getting to do what I love everyday. Living my dream.

ASB: Do you have other plans beside making music. A movie role maybe?

The Veronicas: We are too busy at the moment with touring, and releasing music and working on new designs for our fashion line... but we never say never.

ASB: Last but not least, tell our readers on AceShowbiz why they should grab your new album.

The Veronicas: Because it rocks.. mate!!

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