Settling on Non-'Rush Hour' Film, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker to Team Up Again

Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker

Reports claimed that the martial art actor and the comedian are going to work together again, but this time they won't be making any 'Rush Hour' film.
Having a string of successful films together, kung fu actor Jackie Chan and comic man Chris Tucker allegedly are going to share the screen again. According to MTV News, the two actors famous for their unlikely teaming in "Rush Hour" movies will collaborate once again to make another movie that is promised to not be a "Rush Hour" film.

To MTV on Saturday, April 12, the co-star of Jet Li in "The Forbidden Kingdom" revealed that he has talked to Tucker about the new film. "It's like two days ago when Chris Tucker called me. We sat down and decided we want to do another movie. Not a 'Rush Hour' - something new," recalled the co-star of Owen Wilson in "Shanghai Knights". "I said yes, and after I shook [Tucker's] hand, I said: 'Look, we need a middleman. I don't want to shake hands, then I go back to Hong Kong and you stay here, I get busy and you get busy. You have to have somebody in the middle to follow up, otherwise it will never happen."

Further, on the development of the yet-untitled feature film project, Chan confessed that he and Tucker are now stepping forward by seeking for the perfect writer to provide the script. However, when asked about the possibility to bring in "Rush Hour" series helmer Brett Ratner, the star of "The Medallion" kept mum.

Chan/Tucker earlier collaborations have brought them both blockbuster movies as their three "Rush Hour" films garnered in total of more than $600 million in North America only. Their last installment of the action comedy film "Rush Hour 3" had been released on August 10, 2007 and has since grossed as much as $140 million in North America and about $255 million worldwide.

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