Leonardo DiCaprio Reteaming With 'The Departed' Penner?

Leonardo DiCaprio Reteaming With 'The Departed' Penner?

The star of crime thriller 'The Departed' is said to be eyeing Korean-thriller remake 'The Chaser' in which William Monahan is negotiating to be the scribbler.
The co-star of Claire Danes in "William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet" Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly will be once again working together with William Monahan, the scribbler of "The Departed". According to Hollywood Reporter, the acclaimed Hollywood actor is eyeing for the lead role in Korean-thriller remake project entitled "The Chaser".

The 33-year-old actor is said to be circling the role of an ex-cop who goes on the warpath trying to find a missing girl. Meanwhile, Monaghan reportedly is in talks with Warner Bros. Pictures to adapt the hit Korean film directed by Na Hong-Jin. Aside from the negotiation, Monahan has joined the production as the film's co-producer alongside Roy Lee, Doug Davison and Dan Lin.

DiCaprio and Monahan have teamed up before in the Academy Award-winning crime thriller film "Departed" for which DiCaprio was nominated for 2007 Golden Globe's Best Actor, whereas Monahan landed Best Adapted Screenplay at 2007 Academy Awards. DiCaprio's recent projects include "Revolutionary Road" which pairs him up once again with "Titanic" co-star Kate Winslet. Monahan in the meantime is reported to be hired to pen "Jurassic Park IV" and "Confession of Pain".

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