Paula Abdul Blames Plane Crash for Singing Career Halt

Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul who will release new song and new album soon, revealed the reason she disappeared for five years before American Idol.
Paula Abdul who has not released any album since the 1995 "Head Over Heels" revealed that a plane crash had caused her to abandon her singing career. The singer who was caught in an emergency plane landing in 1992, admitted that she intentionally disappeared to treat her injuries.

"I had four plates and fourteen cervical spinal surgeries," she said at the pre-match entertainment for Super Bowl XLII. "It all happened during the time that I disappeared and no one knew where I went. For five and a half years, I went through paralysis, the worst experience, and then I came back on 'American Idol,' that was my first time back out there."

She added, "I've been really, really blessed and fortunate and it's really, really poignant for me to come back now."

Abdul is one of the singers featured on fellow Idol judge Randy Jackson's debut album. She will sing the song "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow" which music video will be released soon as the lead. "Everything felt right. The song was amazing," Abdul commented on the project. "I'm dancing - wait to you see me. I'm doing things that you won't believe, that I don't even believe."

The good news is, Abdul has begun the work of her solo studio album and her official site stated that it will be released in Summer 2008. The petite singer is also serving for the seventh cycle of Idol, hinting that audience are "in for an amazing season".

Paula Abdul Shooting "Dance Like There's Tomorrow":

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