Funeral Arrangements for Heath Ledger Have Been Completed, Relatives Flying to New York for Funeral

Heath Ledger

Funeral arrangements for Heath Ledger have been completed and his relatives are expected to arrive in New York for funeral by Friday, January 25.
The funeral arrangements set for the late actor Heath Ledger have been completed. Relatives are all expected to arrive in New York for his funeral by Friday, January 25.

Confirmed the funeral arrangements for Heath, Dominic Carella who's the Funeral Director of the Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home which has been set to handle the service told People Thursday, January 24 that "arrangements have been made but nothing is going to happen today" adding that "he expects Ledger's father Kim to arrive at the funeral home tomorrow."

George Amado, the general manager of the Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home, refused to disclose further details, insisted any additional information would have to come from Heath's manager. "The family doesn't want us to give out any information," so said Amado.

Family members and associates of Heath, as reported by E!, "have likewise kept mum, refusing to confirm whether a memorial service would take place in New York or they were simply coming to escort Ledger's remains back to his native Perth, Australia, for burial."

Meanwhile, Heath's former fiancee Michelle Williams and their daughter Matilda Rose Ledger have both arrived in New York on Wednesday night, January 23, stayed at the Brooklyn home she once shared with Heath. The actress reportedly was joined by her mother Carla Williams, and best friend Busy Philipps, who's Matilda's godmother and Michelle's co-star on the TV series "Dawson's Creek."

Fellow actress Keri Russell stopped by Michelle's Brooklyn home early Thursday, January 24 to hand a card to a police officer stationed outside the building and asked him to give it to Michelle's mom before walking away silently.

The body of actor Heath Ledger has been removed from the morgue at the Medical Commissioner's office to the Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home following an inconclusive first autopsy which was completed by Wednesday morning, January 23. The Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home, according to People, is located at 81st Street and Madison Avenue on Manhattan's Upper East Side and is no stranger to celebrity funerals. Among those who have been paid final tribute there including former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, showbiz legend Judy Garland and silent-screen idol Rudolph Valentino.

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