Natalie Portman Compiles Her Version of Mix-Tape

Natalie Portman

Find out what kind of music interest Natalie Portman in a charity compilation titled 'Big Change: Songs for FINCA'.
It's no big secret that Natalie Portman holds a big passion in music. Although not displaying the interest herself, the actress is finding another platform to express her edginess in this area by compiling a mix-tape called 'Big Change: Songs for FINCA'.

The album is intended for charity and will be sold at $7.99 per copy. Among the musicians featured in her list are the mainstream ones such as Norah Jones and her favorite with no doubt, The Shins, as well as the indie acts like Devendra Banhart and M. Ward.

Altogether there are 16 tracks that will exclusively available on iTunes starting from October 30. The proceeds will go to FINCA, an organization that aid countries with high rate of poverty. Portman has been an ambassador of the group since 2003.

"The proceeds really go to something special," Portman told EW on her compilation. "It's an amazing cause, and this is spreading access to opportunity for so many in the world."

Portman famously quoted The Shins in her 2004 movie 'Garden State'. She told co-star Zach Braff that The Shins will "change your life", instantly opening a wide exposure to the band. However, Portman has denied making them famous by saying, "The Shins are the ones who created their own success. No one is gonna think a sound is great just because I say so. They hear the songs, and that's what decides it for them."

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