Exclusive Interview With Lucy Walsh, Upcoming Singer Reviving the '80s

Exclusive Interview With Lucy Walsh, Upcoming Singer Reviving the '80s

Find out more about Lucy Walsh, daughter of Eagles' Joe Walsh who is launching her own career, on our exclusive interview.
She has watched her father Joe Walsh making fame and enjoying playing music through his band Eagles since she was a kid. This is exactly why Lucy Walsh is determined to start a music career of her own. She is now set on the track and will, on October 23, release a debut album called 'Lost in the Lights'.

The singer who played keyboard and provided backing vocals in Ashlee Simpson's 2005 'Autobiography Tour', is not afraid to walk on a different sound for her first record. In fact, she is proud to employ '80s sound to top her modern pop vocal.

Revealing it all to AceShowbiz, Lucy described how her father emphasized on being independent, she getting signed by Island, Cyndi Lauper playing a huge part in her life and Ashlee Simpson and her "will always have each others' backs".

Check out our revealing interview with the 'So Uncool' singer below!

ASB: Tell us how you end up choosing music as a career. Have you always wanted to become a singer?

Lucy: I've been immersed in the performing arts since I was a really young kid...its just the way I came into this world. Music is the love of my life, and its wonderful to make it my paying job.

ASB: How exactly has it affected you musically having a father as famous as Joe Walsh?

Lucy: Having a famous dad is fun, I grew up going on tour with him and I look up to him immensely as a musician. He always told me if I wanted to be in showbiz, he wasn't going to pull any strings to get me a record deal...and I appreciate that because I've done the work myself.

ASB: How do you end up getting signed under Island/Def Jam?

Lucy: I flew to NYC with a guitarist and sang some songs for LA Reid and Rob Stevenson at Island Def Jam. Halfway through the meeting I sat at the piano and sang a song I had just written...and they offered me a deal then and there. I freaked out and jumped around the room and then hugged everyone.

ASB: You're on the verge of releasing a debut album. What do you hope or expect to come out from this album?

Lucy: My first record 'Lost in the Lights' is out soon...and I'm insanely proud of it. It is an album people will love for all time.

ASB: Why 'Lost in the Lights'? Does the title significantly project any meaning to you?

Lucy: The record title 'Lost in the Lights' is about diving into life and not being afraid to experience absolutely everything...the good and the bad. 'Lost in the Lights' is a song I wrote for the record, and I then turned it into the title.

ASB: Your first single 'So Uncool' has been on the radio for sometime. How did you feel the first time you hear it?

Lucy: My single 'So Uncool' is on the radio across the US ...AWESOME! When I first heard it, I was driving with some friends and label people in Ohio . We blasted the volume, got out of the car, and danced in a cornfield.

ASB: Of all the tracks in 'Lost in the Light' which one has a special meaning to you and why?

Lucy: Every song on 'Lost in the Lights' is fantastically special, there is not one song on the record I'm not crazy about. I will say the title track 'Lost in the Lights' is most dear to me.

ASB: We've become acknowledged that you're a fan of Cyndi Lauper.

Lucy: I am a life-long Cyndi Lauper fan. I remember hearing her music when I was very young, and being emotionally overwhelmed. Its awesome to know I can pass that onto other people through my own music.

ASB: What kind of fans do you expect to enjoy your music?

Lucy: Everyone who is looking to drop their pretense and lose themselves in kickass music and emotion will adore my record. Its a party and absolutely everyone is invited.

ASB: Do your relate personal issues in your songs?

Lucy: My music definitely is born from personal issues. As a musician, I take all kinds of situations and turn them into songs. I write songs about self-experience, experience of others, books I read, dreams I have...I keep a journal with me at all times and my creativity never stops.

ASB: In your song 'Crash' you're talking about having fun and getting 'rowdy'. Are you actually a party animal?

Lucy: Ah yes, 'Crash' is a party song! And dare I say ladies and gents...I am a party animal.

ASB: You have become acquainted to Ashlee Simpson. How are the two of you getting along?

Lucy: Playing with Ashlee was a blast...its great being on tour with good friends...waking up in a new city everyday and playing for excited fans. Ashlee and I will always have each others' backs.

ASB: Any collaboration that you wish one day? With Cyndi Lauper maybe?

Lucy: I have my wishlist of future collaborations...my top two are Tom Delonge (Blink-182/Angels and Airwaves) and Andrew W.K.

ASB: Last but not least, would you share wise words to AceShowbiz readers?

Lucy: Wise words for my adoring fans...hold on, it's coming to me...ah yes: 'don't litter your mind with reality tv shows'
See you all at my concert

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