1-18-08 Monster Musings: the Giant Beast Has Thousands of Parasites

1-18-08 Monster Musings: the Giant Beast Has Thousands of Parasites

The big monster is said to have scales that contains thousands of parasites with claw-like legs.
Seems talks on "1-18-08" will never run out topics to be speculated about as long as the mystery surrounding the project has not yet been dissolved.

Running on the mill now is that of the giant monster, of which attack will become the center of the movie's story. A reader of AICN, claiming to be the friend of one of the production crew, has posted a note stating he has been told that the beast will have scales that contain thousands of "parasites" with claw-like legs. Pointing out the flick to be "(sort of) a modern day version of 'The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms'", the person further informed that the smaller creatures are said to leap off and attack everything in their sights after the monster gets hit by some tank shells.

Things get more interesting as AICN then brought up implications it has heard about the monster - that it may have some relation to whales. This is without no reason for the water mammals have indeed been mentioned in the history section of Slusho.jp, which long is suspected to be one of the marketing campaign websites for the film.

Currently in post production, "1-18-08" was first publicized in advance screenings of "Transformers" before being announced to be set for a January 18, 2008 release as the tentative title suggests. Recently, a roar, believed to be the monster's, can be heard on pic's official site if the window is left open for about six minutes. For those who can't wait that long, the hidden audio clip has already been uploaded on Forums.unfiction.com. Photos on the official site now can also be turned over with two of them containing notes behind. Just try to move the pic you want from left to right after moving away the others.

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