Kid Rock Leans on Last Name for New Album

Kid Rock

Kid Rock's first album in 4 years "Rock & Roll Jesus" not only sports his headbanging materials but also explores his religious side.
On the weight of his last name, Kid Rock comes subtle on the rap side for his next release. The all-said new title "Rock & Roll Jesus" leans rather heavily on rock with gospel-like materials as side dish. The title track, first single "So Hot" and a song called "Roll On" are all but the two elements leaving "Sugar" as the lone rap song.

Kid stated that he initially might either call the album "Rock & Roll Jesus" or "Amen" because his "best writing ever" laid on the latter. Ironically, the wise producers landed their choice to the former to avoid giving any false impression. Standing side-by-side to "Amen" is "When You Love Someone", a self-proclaimed rootsy gospel hued affair.

Of all the 11 tracks, Kid didn't forget to mention his ex-wife Pamela Anderson in one of them. "Half Your Age", slightly on the country vibe, closes the album with a chorus that mention about finding younger girlfriend who's "twice as hot". Smiling for this piece Kid said, "I think people expect it. It'd be stupid to pretend that it didn't happen and not say anything."

Lynyrd Skynyrd's keyboardist Bob Powell contributed his skill on the song "All Summer Long" while his group's hit "Sweet Home Alabama" is made a mash-up element along with Warren Zevon's "Warewolves of London". Kid's level of confidence of this album is self-described "like going to church drunk on Saturday night. It defines America; if you just had to play one American rock album for somebody, this would be it."

Recorded in a home-built Clarkston Chophouse studio, "Rock & Roll Jesus" will arrive in stores October 9 with first single "So Hot" giving early impact on rock radio outlets on August 13. In the next few months, Kid will serve a string of promo appearances and a series of small-scale gigs in clubs and theaters. A big tour is slated for 2008.

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