Deadly Jellyfish Causes "Fool's Gold" Delay

Fool's Gold picture

Filming process on Warner Bros. Pictures' "Fool's Gold" in Australia suffers a delay after a number of extremely venomous box jellyfish were found along the country's coastline.
Production on Warner Bros. Pictures' romantic adventure flick "Fool's Gold" has unexpectedly come to a halt for this time being due to the spread of a deadly species of jellyfish along Australia's coastline where the picture is getting filmed.

UK's Telegraph reports that Dr. Jamie Seymour of James Cook University claimed to find five of the animals off Queensland's Fraser Island known as Irukandji jellyfish, which are noticed to be among the world's most toxic creatures. Researches have discovered that this kind of jellyfish, translucent and of the size of a thumbnail, can cause several pains at various parts of human body when it stings.

The discovery in turn made the "Gold" filmmakers unable to proceed with the shooting on the movie as they were supposed to take scenes on stars Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson swimming in the sea around the area.

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