Aaron Eckhart to Confront "The Dark Knight"

Dark Knight, The picture

Aaron Eckhart is in final talks to portray Harvey Dent/Two Face in "The Dark Knight."
The Two Face search is likely to come to an end. Confirming the heavy rumors on who will play the villain in "The Dark Knight", Warner Bros. Pictures is reportedly holding final negotiations with Aaron Eckhart for the role, which has been a burning topic among moviegoers and superhero fans lately.

If everything is settled, Eckhart thus will be the next actor to portray the character after Tommy Lee Jones in 1995's "Batman Forever." In Batman lore, Two Face aka Harvey Dent is originally the district attorney of Gotham City and an ally of Batman before he becomes the insane crime boss who brings problems to the hero.

Production on "Knight" is currently underway, once again under Christopher Nolan's direction. Principal cast like Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Gary Oldman are also returning with Heath Ledger as The Joker.

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