A Little 'Tenderness' for Russell Crowe

Tenderness picture

Aussie actor Russell Crowe has signed on as the star of an indie-produced film adaptation of Robert Cormier's novel "Tenderness"
Aussie actor Russell Crowe has signed on to star in director John Polson's indie thriller "Tenderness". He is said to shoot the project in May.

"Tenderness" was adapted by screenwriter Emil Stern from the novel by Robert Cormier. It follows a violent teenager, Eric, whose life intertwines with Lori, a 16-year-old runaway who can't resist his charm.

As of Crowe he is set to play Lieutenant Cristofuoro, a cop who sets out to unravel Eric's complex past. John Penotti, Charles Randolph, and Howard Meltzer will produce the flick.

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