David Bowie Joining the Prestige Cast

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Rock star David Bowie is in talks to play inventor Nikola Tesla in "The Prestige"
Music is interesting. But, movie also is challenging. Thus rock star David Bowie is joining the cast of "The Prestige," which already include the likes of Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale and Michael Caine.

"The Prestige" is a drama action genre which script is being worked by film director Christopher Nolan. Based on Christopher Priest's 1996 novel and was adapted by Nolan's brother, Jonathan Nolan, who also wrote the short story on which Nolan's breakout movie, "Memento" was based, the film is scheduled to shoot in January with a budget of $40 million range.

Bale and Jackman will play rival magicians in turn-of-the century London who battle each other for trade secrets. The rivalry is so intense that it turns them into murderers. The title refers to the residue left after a magician's successful trick. Meanwhile, Bowie is set to play inventor Nikola Tesla, which is based on the real-life Serbian-American who discovered the rotating magnetic field.

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