Elton John Producing Boy Girl Thing

It's a Boy Girl Thing picture

Samaire Armstrong & Kevin Zegers are starring in "It's a Boy Girl Thing," a romantic comedy developed by Elton John's production company
Singing apparently isn't the only thing Elton John can do. The star, just say his production company, is in hand to develop a new film. It will be a drama comedy presents such famous, as Samaire Armstrong, Kevin Zegers, Sharon Osbourne, and Maury Chaykin.

The movie titled "It's a Boy Girl Thing" tells about next-door neighbors who live worlds apart. Woody Deane and Nell Bedworth are lifelong sworn enemies, who wake up one day to find themselves in a very strange place: each other's bodies. In their switched identities, each sets out to destroy the other's high school reputation before going from infuriation to infatuation.

Zegers is set to play Deane and Armstrong to play Bedworth, while Osbourne and Chaykin will play Zegers' parents. Directing the script by Geoff Deane is Nick Hurran. John, in addition, would probably contribute a new song for the film.

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