Snoop Sues Auto Dealer Over "Izzle" Flap

Snoop Dogg is seeking a cool $2 million from a Philadelphia auto dealer, who, the rapper claims, swiped his famous syntax to sell cars
Long Beach, California, rapper Snoop Dogg filed suit Tuesday in federal court in Pennsylvania against Gary Barbera, the proud owner of "Gary Barbera's #1 Dodgeland" near Philly, over "Izzle" flap. The star has recently appeared in a series of nationally televised ads alongside Lee Iacocca, promoting the virtues of Chrysler cars via the oft-imitated Snoop Speak, like adding the suffix "-izzle" to the first few syllables of any word, which Barbera never had permitted to do so.

Per his suit, Snoop claims Barbera ran an ad in the Philadelphia Daily News on Aug. 22 that stated "Is Bar-Bizzle the Sh-izzle? Boy I Gu-izzle" in an apparent attempt to lure street-savvy kids to his lot. The ads then caused "confusion" among Snoop fans who may think their idol has endorsed Barbera's dealership in some fashion. Thus, the rapper is seeking a cool $2 million from the Philadelphia auto dealer.

In related news, Snoop has announced Wednesday his plan to launch his new business venture, Snoop Dogg Board Co. in January 2006. The new project, which is his joint venture with Pentagon Distribution, will sell a complete line of skateboards, accessories, backpacks and luggage.

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