Young Jeezy Trivia
  1. Supports Democratic candidate Barack Obama and created controversy when he said, "No disrespect to my man Barack, but I f*** with John McCain.

  2. Arrested in Atlanta in June 2008 and charged with DUI, speeding, reckless driving, no tags, driving with an open container and no proof of insurance.

  3. Appeared as himself in the hip-hop fighting themed game "Def Jam: Icon".

  4. Held a week-long charity event series with his Corporate Thugz Entertainment in Dec 2007 where he presented 1,000 toys for 1,000 kids at various locations in Macon and Atlanta.

  5. Totaled his Lamborghini in September 2007 after hit by a crossing taxi in Atlanta.

  6. Appeared on Gucci Mane's single "Icy" but claimed to have never been paid properly for his participation.

  7. Affirmed his resistance to commercialism in his music saying that maintaining his street credibility is of the utmost concern to him as an artist.