Spice Girls Trivia
  1. Licensed their name and image to Tesco's U.K. supermarket chain in 2007 and paid 5 million pounds to appear in its ads.

  2. Their song 'Headlines' was made the official song for Children in Need in 2007 but was criticized for its rather sexy music video.

  3. Melanie C was initially the only member who was against the reunion in 2007.

  4. Victoria Adams is the only member of Spice Girls not to have had a UK number one single as a solo artist.

  5. Geri Halliwell's infamous Union Jack dress fetched 36,000 pounds in a charity auction that sold many Spice Girls memorabilia after their split in 2001.

  6. Their album 'Forever' was in a much-hyped chart battle with Westlife's 'Coast to Coast' in 2000 whereby theirs lost at #2.

  7. Planned a live album in 1998 and had its masters done but dropped the idea later, allegedly because of Geri Halliwell's departure.

  8. Were presented in animated characters in their music video for 'Viva Forever' because they are too busy to shoot it.

  9. Divided job after parting from 19 Management; Melanie B: Tour Control, Geri: Sponsorship, Emma: Personnel, Schedule and Charities, Victoria: Merchandising and Finance, Melanie C: Record Company, Singles and Formats.

  10. Their film 'Spice World' (1997) features guest appearances by Roger Moore, Elton John, Jennifer Saunders, Richard E. Grant, Michael Barrymore and Meat Loaf among others.

  11. All five girls made it into People Magazine's '50 Most Beautiful People in the World' list of 1997.

  12. Geri Halliwell appeared at 1997 BRIT Awards with Union Jack, that eventually led to emphasizing of the term 'Cool Britannia'.

  13. The term 'Girl Power' was made into Oxford English Dictionary after they used it for the band's slogan.

  14. Melanie C almost missed the final audition for The Spice Girls because of recurring chronic tonsillitis.

  15. Considered the first artists to emphasize on the meaning of 'Girl Power' despite there were many other acts before them who have employed the same slogan.

  16. Geri Halliwell auditioned for a part in film 'Tank Girl' in 1995 where she met future band mate, Victoria Adams.