Kelly Rowland Trivia
  1. Rowland was made a judge for the eighth series of British television show 'The X Factor' in 2011.

  2. In 2008, Rowland officially became ambassador for MTV's Staying Alive Foundation.

  3. She auditioned for the role of Carrie Bradshaw's assistant, in 2007's 'Sex and the City 2' but the role went to Jennifer Hudson.

  4. Rowland appeared as a choirmaster on the NBC reality show Clash of the Choirs in 2007.

  5. Engaged to Pro Bowl Safety Roy Williams of the Dallas Cowboys in 2004 and broke up in 2006.

  6. In 2003, Rowland made her big screen debut in the slasher film Freddy vs. Jason.

  7. During the Bush/Cheney campaign in 2000, she was, along with all of Destiny's Child, a supporter of Bush.

  8. Arrived at the Kenyatta Hospital in downtown Nairobi, Kenya on June 19, 2008 to undergo an HIV and AIDS test as part of her duty as MTV "Staying Alive" 2008 ambassador.

  9. Was appointed as the official 2008 ambassador for the MTV "Staying Alive", the foundation works to empower young people to protect them against AIDS.

  10. Confirmed on People Magazine's March 17, 2008 issue that she had plastic surgery in October 2007 to bring her "from an A-cup to a B-cup."

  11. Teamed up with Beyonce Knowles to build the "Knowles-Rowland Temenos Place Apartments" in Houston, aimed to provide permanent living accommodations for people who are trying to improve their lives after the trauma of personal & natural disasters (Sep 07)