J. Holiday Biography

It's one thing to breakthrough the hard wall of music industry by creating sensation, but it's another to creep up and slowly gain the attention. One person fit to the latter is J. Holiday, new R'n'B sensation who has the philosophy in life to just 'chill'. "You know, I'm a people person, and I'm from down South so you know I've got down-home living in me," the singer said. "You know man, I'm down to earth and I just like to chill, and kick it. I like having good people around me. That's really it. I'm a simple dude." Not as simple as his nature, his music career is going to spin at a faster rate, thanks to his infectious hit 'Bed'. The mid-tempo song has won fans an interest in him that, upon its release in June, it debuted at #89 in Billboard Hot 100 chart and climbed all the way up to #24 before eventually peaking at #5. Apparently for Holiday, there's nothing taste better than appreciation of long hard work.

J. Holiday was born Nahum Grymes, a named derived from a biblical figure because he is the son of a preacher. Holiday was raised alone by his mother in Washington D.C. after his father died when he was just 11. Frances, was the type of mother who sticks to conventional rules like completing education and attending church. Holiday was sent to a local High School where he acknowledged a talent in singing during a showcase night. By then he was a frequent listener to Boyz II Men, Tupac Shakur and Jodeci records. Although he had the passion to go deep in music path, his mom sent him back to school to complete the education first. Upon the graduation Holiday skipped college option and headed straight to studios where he began recording demo tapes.

In early 2000s, he met Corey Green whom he found was in the same direction with him. Soon both formed a duo called 295 that experienced mild popularity. All the while Corey would hook them up with music executives that come to Washington just to watch their performances. They soon found out that the group won't meet a bright future and disbanded in 2003 while remaining friends until Holiday's solo career. It was A&R former executive Anthony "TA" Tate that recognized Holiday's potential as a solo singer. The producer who at that time represented Music Line Group sent him to Atlanta whereupon Capitol agreed to take him under their wing. A contract was signed and the recording began in 2006. With The Underdogs and Darkchild on board the producer ship, a song called 'Be With Me' was released in October 2006 to moderate success. It peaked at #83 on the Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs chart, but was quickly beaten by second single 'Bed' that really put the spotlight on him.

He was quickly booked in several gigs and was honored to tour with Keyshia Cole during summer 2007. His debut album 'Back of My Lac' took the fifth position on Billboard Hot 200 when it was released on October 2 via Capitol, selling 105,000 copies in the first week.