G-Unit Biography

One of the best selling hip-hop acts in the world, G-Unit indeed is such an extraordinary band to achieve the attainment in such a short time. With all the qualities and experience they possess, the group undoubtedly has captured the heart of mainstream hip-hop community through their magnificent rap tunes. Founded by 50 Cent (born as Curtis James Jackson on July 6, 1975), the establishment of G-Unit began when the rapper intended to rebuild his career in music industry after he was dumped by Columbia Records due to his shooting incident happened in April 2000. He afterwards contacted his longtime friends also fellow artists named Tony Yayo (born as Marvin Bernard on March 31, 1978) and Lloyd Banks (born as Christopher Lloyd on April 30, 1982) to discuss about forming a rap group. “Yayo and I were taking all of the meetings with 50,” Lloyd recalled. “We came up with the G-Unit concept because 50 didn't want to shop himself simply as an artist.”

Under this group, which stands for Guerilla-Unit, these three natives of Queens, New York started to build their status in the underground community in New York through their mix tapes. Adding a unique sound to their East Coast hip-hop music style, the trio satisfyingly made their way to be included in other artists' mix tapes, such as those of DJ Kay Slay and DJ Clue. Surprisingly, one of their works, “50 Cent is the Future” (2001), came to the attention of Eminem who later helped 50 Cent to secure a record deal with Interscope. As he entered the recording studio, 50 took along the rest of G-Unit's members to be featured in this first album.

Sadly, before the recording process was finished, Tony Yayo was sentenced to prison in December 2002 for a gun-possession charge. To fill the void, the other personnel offered the seat to Young Buck (born as David Darnell Brown on March 15, 1981 in Nashville, Tennessee) who had previously participated in “50 Cent is the Future.” They then rapped together in one of the album's tracks called “P.I.M.P” along with Snoop Dogg. Entitled “Get Rich Or Die Tryin,” 50's debut was a huge hit and obtained such a tremendous success. Following this, Interscope bestowed 50 his own label which he named G-Unit Records in 2003. Lloyd, Tony and Young were quickly signed on as the established members of G-Unit.

Within the same year, G-Unit managed to launch their debut album, “Beg for Mercy,” on November 14. Produced by Sha Money XL who is also G-Unit's co founder and business manager, it gloriously soared to the 2nd rank of The Billboard 200 while also was certified five times Platinum worldwide. In the meantime, two of its 18 tracks, namely “Stunt 101” and “Wanna Get to Know You” were fabulously included in the top 20 of The Billboard Hot 100 Singles. Adding their delight, Tony eventually encountered his release from prison by January 2004, making the formation of the group became whole again.

The excellent attainment of G-Unit to reach popularity in a very short time directed them a wider access to venture into another industry. The group therefore proudly set up G-Unit Clothing Company in partnership with Ecko Unlimited, selling hip-hop outfit and sunglasses, plus had their own brands of necklace. In addition, Reebok had made them a line of G-Unit Sneakers which has been one of the shoe company's most popular brands and most successful hip-hop products. Meanwhile, a vitamin water under the name Formula 50 bottle was produced together with Glaceau Water as a part of their business collaboration. Concerning social matter, G-Unit has also founded The G-Unity Foundation to improve the life quality of low-income and underserved communities.