Frankie J Biography

Frankie J. simply wanted to make his grandfather's musical dreams come true. Born as Frankie Javier Bautista, young Frankie was raised in a family that has a musical background. His father was the lead singer of a traditional band and his grandfather, who also inspired him to become a famous singer, was a violinist. By becoming a famous R&B singer, Frankie proved that all Bautista men have accomplished the dream.

To explore his music talent, his family moved from Tijuana, Mexico to San Diego when he was just a little boy. Frankie grew up listening to Lisa Lisa, Brenda K. Starr and George Lamond's music, thus, decided to use falsetto style like Lamond did.

At age 15, Frankie started his musical career as Frankie Boy. Unfortunately, the songs failed to succeed. He went on, signed another contract with Jellybean Benitez and got accepted after an audition for the multi-platinum Mexican-American group Kumbia Kings. After touring throughout Latin America with the group, Frankie went solo.

In 2003, he signed with Sony and launched his album "What's a Man To Do" which sadly failed to hit the charts. The failure did not stop the singer, who born on December 14, 1980, to produce his following album as his self-titled album featuring singles "Don't Wanna Try" and "Ya No Es Iqual" was soon released in the same year. The album surely opens the road to success, as in 2004, Frankie collaborated in Baby Bash's hit "Suga Suga."

"I know after all of this, there'll be a lot more time to hang out with my friends, hang out with the girls, and hang out in the clubs. Right now, it's more of working, working, working. And I'm trying to get that Grammy," he commented. Frankie's next album "The One," featuring hit "Obsession (No Es Amor)," was offered for sale in 2005 and soon ranked #3 on Billboard Hot 100.