Fabolous Trivia
  1. Chipped in his work in Korean singer Se7en's American debut single "This Is My Year".

  2. Originally put Lil' Wayne in the guest spot of song "Diamond" but decided to use the one with Young Jeezy.

  3. Was traded with Musiq Soulchild when he left Atlantic for Def Jam.

  4. Chipped one of his front teeth while trying to impress a girl with a basketball.

  5. Often spells his name F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S in his songs.

  6. Was arrested in both January and March 2003 for possessing an unlicensed gun in his car.

  7. Had a plan for a clothing line that will be released through Rich Yung Society.

  8. Was challenged by John Cena to battle rap on WWE Heat but declined and was later on mocked by Cena who made a cardboard cutout of him as Mini Me.

  9. Has the mixture of African-American and Dominican blood.