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Cobra Starship

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Rock group
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Aug 26, 2019
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New York, USA
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Presumably one of the hottest music acts of year 2006, Cobra Starship sure has great potentiality to keep generating buzz up to the end of the year if looking on the hectic schedule containing a number of gigs they are attached to carry out. Continuing their participation in Jerry's Kids Short Bus Tour '06 alongside %cGym Class Heroes%, %cHangar 18%, and %cPatent Pending%, the band will next make a stop at Bamboozle Left in Pomona, California on October 14 before joining the likes of %c30 Seconds to Mars% also %cThe Pink Spiders% to highlight MTV2 $2Bill Welcome To The Universe. Venues include those in Detroit, Boston, Atlanta, Denver, Portland, and San Diego, the first being that in Minneapolis, Minnesota on October 17.

Took shape around year 2005, Cobra Starship is the alternative-rock side project of %cGabe Saporta% (born on October 11, 1979 in Montevido, Uruguay) who is known to be the vocalist plus bassist of New Jersey-based punk band %cMidtown%. The idea to form this music act was hatched as a result of what Saporta called “spiritual quest” that he underwent following Midtown's decision to take hiatus after the release of their third full-length album, “Forget What You Know,” in late June 2004. Afterwards naming the project based on the words written on the backs of his two favorite vintage jackets, the guy delightfully did not have much difficulty to quickly compose his initial original work, “Bring It”, under this moniker.

Not long after the song's completion, a chance to step further into the music industry as Cobra Starship struck Saporta when he learned that there was an open contest from New Line Cinema posted on TagWorld invinting music acts around the States to contribute their songs for “Snakes on a Plane” soundtrack. “I'd been writing songs for about a year, and all of a sudden I heard of the movie, and everything sort of clicked," so he remarked. “I mean, 'Snakes on a Plane,' Cobra Starship — they just sort of go together. To me, the whole thing seems like destiny.” With this thought, Saporta thus contacted his friend %cWilliam Beckett% of %cThe Academy Is...% to help him re-working “Bring It”, including adding a new chorus on the song.

Much to the twosome's joy, the revised tune, dubbed “Snakes on a Plane (Bring It)”, not only made its way to be submitted in the flick's soundtrack, but its music video also was selected as the promotional song for the movie's commercials on TV. Backed up by special guests consisting %cTravis McCoy% of Gym Class Heroes and %cMaja Ivarsson% of %cThe Sounds% apart from Beckett, the groovy, funky track instantly soared to be a smash hit on both the Internet and mainstream media, thanks to the hype surrounding the picture even before its theatrical release. Despite the single's moderate result on Billboard's Hot Modern Rock Tracks, the huge response it had received no doubt automatically brought Cobra Starship to widespread recognition in turn.

Following the successful collaboration, Saporta then felt the need to develop Cobra Starship as a band and so recruited %cElisa Schwartz% to play the keytar, %cArmor for Sleep%'s drum tech %cNate Navarro% as drummer, plus his friends in %cThe Ivy League%, %cAlex Suarez% and %cRyland Blackinton%, to handle bass and guitar, respectively. Ultimately signed under %cPete Wentz%'s Decaydance Records, the troupe smoothly launched their debut album, “While the City Sleeps, We Rule the Streets”, on October 10, 2006.