Baauer Biography

Baauer, born Harry Rodrigues, has been making music since he was just 13. Growing up in places all over the world because of his father's work that required frequent traveling has helped him absorb different styles of music from around the globe. Still, his biggest influence among them all was hip-hop and dance music.

During his career for so many years, the disc jokey/producer has remixed many songs by such artists as The Prodigy, Nero and No Doubt. He previously worked under moniker Captain Harry before changing to his current stage name. He was signed to LuckyMe label in August 2012 and made his debut with the three-track 12-inch EP "Dum Dum".

A year later, Baauer made a big breakthrough and became a viral sensation through his remix of long-forgotten song "Harlem Shake". His major online success inspired Billboard to revamp its Hot 100 by including YouTube in determining which the most popular song of the week were. Due to the revision, he climbed high at No. 1 on the chart.