2 Pistols Biography

  • 2 Pistols
    • Famous as : Rapper
    • Birth Name : Jeremy Lemont Saunders
    • Birth Date : June 11, 1983
    • Birth Place : Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA
    • Spouse : -
    • Claim to Fame : Single "She Got It" (2008)

2 Pistols Bio, Life Story

The story of 2 Pistols is another drama in life that can turn up good despite how hard life can be. He was born Jeremy Lemont Saunders in the 1980s. The only difference between him and most of the other kids at his age that time was the presence of parents figure. Both his father and mother were almost never really there to raise him due to their stints in prison. He thus fell in custody of several people including his aunts and his older brothers. By teenager, he was already a tough kid that belonged to the harsh life of the street. Still, he held a dream of being a professional footballer while juggling an education at Tarpon Springs High School in Tampa, Florida. However his relatively petite size forced him to scrap the plan but later benefited at something else.

In the back of the class, Saunders often wrote lyrics that he transferred from watching his surrounding. At one point he wrote about girls in his school that resulted in a joint called "Dirty Foot". Recalling the monumental event, Saunders said, "Around my way, we sometimes call certain kinds of girls, 'Dirty Foot'. It's just a silly thing, a girl who is trying to get your money and don't have nothing of her own is a Dirty Foot. I was just messing around and wrote a song about it." And so the song was done but went unpublished until his brother encouraged him to record it. Saunders then molded the song to hard copies and gave it away without expecting much from it. However when he visited a local club, somehow the DJ played "Dirty Foot" and he was surprised to the core when people knew the lyrics to it.

It was the first sign of him making big through music that was quickly followed by another. At the same night the rapper performing at the club was doing mediocre, tickling Saunders to step up and show him the real deal. "The guy was just not that good," he recounted. "And he could tell by my face that I thought he was whack. So he looks down at me in the crowd and asks me if I think I could do better. I said 'hell yeah, I could!'" So he took the stage when people started to head for the bar and when he nailed his own "Dirty

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