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A clip/trailer of The Veteran

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The Veteran Poster
The Veteran

Release Date :

April 29, 2011 UK

Studio :

Revolver Entertainment

Director :

Matthew Hope

Starring :

Toby Kebbell, Brian Cox, Ashley Thomas, Adi Bielski

Soldier Robert Miller returns home from Afghanistan unable to fit back into society.

Living on a violent council estate and finding work in undercover surveillance, he becomes obsessed with taking down a group of local gangsters who are intrinsically tied to a suspected terrorist cell. Taking the situation into his own hands, Robert embarks on a brutal quest for justice, with devastating consequences.

Starring BAFTA winner Toby Kebbell in a career-defining performance as Robert, the film also stars multiple award winner Brian Cox and Ashley Thomas. Evocative of 70's classics such as Taxi Driver and Day of the Jackal, while packing a modern urban punch, "The Veteran" is a powerful and thrilling insight into the mind of a man who refuses to back down.


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