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An American Crime Trailer

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A clip/trailer of An American Crime

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An American Crime Poster
An American Crime

Release Date :

August 17, 2007

Studio :

First Look Studios

Director :

Tommy O'Haver

Starring :

Catherine Keener, Ellen Page, James Franco, Bradley Whitford

"This," said Prosecutor Leroy New, "has been the most terrible crime ever committed in the state of Indiana." It was the first crime of child abuse that broke through reticence and denial to register with the public. In Tommy O'Haver's film, "An American Crime," Academy Award nominee Catherine Keener portrays Gertrude Baniszewski, the seemingly ordinary housewife who imprisons and tortures a beautiful teenager, played by Gemini Award winner Ellen Page, in the basement of her house - two portrayals that will resonate with audiences long after they leave the theatre. "An American Crime," which also stars James Franco and Bradley Whitford, was produced by First Look Studios and Killer Films/John Wells.


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