Robert Pattinson Responds to 'Water for Elephants' Criticisms

April 23, 2011 02:30:33 GMT

The actor realizes that people would always judge his acting and that the 'Twilight' label will not wear off for some time.

Robert Pattinson
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Reviews have varied so far about "Water for Elephants", and Robert Pattinson is prepared for the worse. Talking to USA Today about his latest stint, Pattinson said he senses people will always compare his new roles to Edward Cullen, his character in "Twilight", and criticize his performance overall.

"I always see these things like, 'Can he act or not?,'" he said. "It's like, I'm nothing like Edward. What do you think I'm doing in that? So (when a new role arises), everyone's like 'It's very different'."

Telling the story of a veterinary school student Jacob who meets and falls in love with Marlena, a star performer in a circus of a bygone era, "Water for Elephants" was only given a 49% rating from movie review site Rotten Tomatoes. It says the film "has an evocative sense of its time and place but lacks the burning passions required to pull off this type of romantic weepie."

While renowned critic Roger Ebert gave the movie three stars, calling the film "endearingly old-fashioned", the New York Times referred to it as "bland" and "monotonous".

The pic was released on Friday, April 22 in 2,817 theaters across the nation. Fox 2000 estimated an opening weekend gross of $13 million to $15 million, particularly coming from female audience.


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posted by Justmy thought on Jun 16, 2012
This movie was the worst casting job ever. Robert Pattinson was absolutely horrible. He was only matched by the equally bad casting and acting of Christoph Waltz. I never watched any of the Twilight movies so I have no opinion on those. Such a good book and such a hatchet job of a movie. The screen play was also horrible and totally missed the reason the men created the panic and stampede at the end of the circus. One of the worst book to movies I have ever seen.
posted by SallyG on May 17, 2011
You know how you can tell Robert Pattinson can't act!He protests the fact that people think he can't act. If you get in that position then the jury has spoken and you can't act. I understand he thinks he's acting. It's like a kid who mimics someone that's not acting that's mimicry. Robert can't even do mimicry.
posted by custer on Apr 27, 2011
I read the book and watch the movie... I am 35yrs old... Robert U did a great Job so did Reese... Keep busy Robert stay away from the Critics...
posted by Vivi on Apr 26, 2011
Considering that the critics that say WFE is bad are the same that rated better Justin Bieber Never Say Never (66% fresh) and Fast and Furios 5 (79% fresh!!!) I don't think they represent me AT ALL. These people have a rooted bad pre-conception about Pattinson and they go to the movies looking only for the bad. But they are part of a industry that thinks that if a guy is good looking there is no way they are good actors (Leo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt suffered this).
posted by ole lady on Apr 25, 2011
The movie was able to transport the viewer thru time. Rob made me forget he was ever Edward. And Reece was more engaging in WFE than anything I have seen her in recently.The supporting cast so valuable in the book were chosen carefully but could have been developed a wee bit more. I was curious why they changed Marlena's back story to being an orphan in foster care homes from being a girl from normal home about to marry a banker. It was an unnecessary and confusing change. In the book she was a girl who defied her parents ran away with a Jewish man to the circus. A step down in their social concept. In the movie she joins the circus and it's a step up from what she had known in foster care homes. When she slaps August and he slugs her (pivotal movie moment)the force behind her final mental break from him is not as convincing as her break from him in the book. But most of the key elements from the book were faithfully adhered to. Hal Holbrook a jewel as always! As reported by others there were adults of all ages in the showing I saw and more men than have been reported.
posted by bee on Apr 24, 2011
I think robert pattinson is great and the critics suck. keep making movies rob, you are a fine actor.
posted by windergal on Apr 23, 2011
I read Water for Elephants and just saw the movie. It was very well done and all of the cast did a great job. Robert Pattinson was very good. I don't get the critics deal saying that he acted "sullen" and "pouty" just like he does in the Twilight films? The point should always be, was the film entertaining and were the actors believable? From the applause at the end of the movie at the theater I saw it in, I would say yes is the answer to both questions and the movie is a success!
posted by cammygauge on Apr 23, 2011
I just told my 33 year old son that he must really be a young girl if the critics think only teen girls went to see WFE. He went with me (64) and my daughter-in-law (35) and we all loved the movie. Rob did a great job showing different emotions. Sad with the news of his parents death, laughter when meeting Rosie, anger at August and his brutality. He was great, and I am sorry for the critics who did not watch this movie with an open mind.
posted by marje on Apr 23, 2011
I am not a teen. I think Robert Pattinson has already proven his talent as a good actor in "Remember Me". And "Water for Elephants" proves it again.
posted by Rodica on Apr 23, 2011
Ithink its time to wake up and to apreciate the true and beutiful art.ROB IS SUPERACTOR,CONGRATULATION!!!
posted by Lisa on Apr 23, 2011
posted by me on Apr 23, 2011
If you read the book you would know that Jacab does stand back and watch alot in the book. He is a kid that has not seen much of the world let alone a crazy mix of people like the circus. I thought Rob did great. His face told alot...tears and all. Was just great!!
posted by afan on Apr 23, 2011
I Loved the movie! I am not a teen girl either. A mom and grandmother and I felt they did the book justice. There was no way they would be able to do the movie exactly as the book was written. It would be too graphic. I sat in a packed theater with mostly adults; very few teens and there was tears, laughter, pure silence during hard to watch scenes, and applause at the end. That doesnt sound like a bad movie to me.
posted by sue_stef on Apr 23, 2011
I can say this like books this movie is not going to be for everyone I loved this book and I think for a book adaptation movie this one did well. an actor is only as good at the source material. based on the course I think all the actors did well. Like another poster mentioned many "pretty" actors got panned when they first started out. Johnny Depp was one of them no one thought he would move past 21 Jump Street now most of fans do not even know what that is because they were not alive when it was on TV. There seems to be a trend to pigeon hole actors into one character type and try to make them move past that type why cant people just enjoy a movie for what it is? Look at Colin Firth the man won an Oscar for his portrayal in The Kings Speech and during promotional time for this movie he was still being asked questions about the 1995 BBC version of Pride and Prejudice I do not think most average movie goers read what the critics have to say and use that to determine what they will go see. The average movie goer goes based on what their friends like and then make up their own mind after seeing the film
posted by patzi on Apr 23, 2011
i am not 16, i am not 35, i am not 55....i am 72 and i think the critics should just give him a break.....i can remember many young stars that are no longer with us that started off the same. Mr pattinson do not let them distract you....the world has lost their hearts.
posted by madge on Apr 23, 2011
I saw it last night and loved it Going again today. Everyone including Tai was great. Beautiful music, cinematography. Pattinson is just the whipping boy of the moment because he marches to a different drummer. Cudos to him
posted by NCFan on Apr 23, 2011
I have read the book, saw the movie yesterday and will go see it again. It was an awesome movie and ROBERT PATTINSON knocked this one out of the ballpark. He was GREAT as well as Reece Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz.
posted by Jess on Apr 23, 2011
Well, today the headlines state that WFE has far exceeded the studio's expectations and is headed to over 19 million! instead of the predicted 13 to 15 million for the first weekend. I haven't seen it yet but will today. It looks like it's my kind of movie and I absolutely love Christoph Waltz so it should be good.
posted by KERRY on Apr 23, 2011
I think robert pattinson done an excellent performance. He has a great personality and is so funny! so I do not know why people are saying he cant act cos he can, can you do better then him? Didnt think so :/
posted by milasmine on Apr 23, 2011
Rob is funny as hell too...Love a great personality.carolyn.
posted by mkmk on Apr 23, 2011
I saw water for elephants last night and I think Robert pattinson was awesome in the movie. He portrayed his character well. No movie is going to be exactly like the books just like twilight saga. The crowd was older women and some gentlemen also. Heard a lot of the older women saying it was not like the book. I read the book and I thought it was very close. Can't please everyone. I thought Robert was great in remember me also. You can't listen to the critics. Look at all the awards black swan got and I did not care for it at all. Go see the movie.
posted by Silicon Valley on Apr 23, 2011
Ladies and Gentlemen, Robert Pattinson has arrived! He did his best acting job in this movie. He looked dashing, too. Christoph Waltz was awesome as ever. Definitely a must see movie, Tai the elephant was wonderful! See it on the big screen. (I would have liked to see Scarlett Johansson as Marlena.)
posted by SusieQ55 on Apr 23, 2011
Marlena and Jacob, the character names for Reese and Robert, show restraint in their passion for each other due to the story occurring during the Depression - much different times than today. Forget what the critics say - this movie will entertain and make you appreciate what we have today - despite the difficult times we're having now. It has more drama than the book - though it follows the story line - and is quite well done.
posted by MOfan on Apr 23, 2011
My husband and I liked the movie. I haven't seen the Twilight movies so I don't see the character-actor typecasting for Robert. I thought he was good, the chemistry was good, the elephant was good, Christopher nailed August. It's a movie of closeups and yes, it's corny. But you know what? I can take my 80-year old MOTHER to this movie. When was the last time an interesting movie was appropriate for someone who is still horrified by killings and sex on screen. This movie was discreet. I really liked it and I'm glad it was so close to the book. Good one!
posted by Sol on Apr 23, 2011
I saw the movie yesterday and I just loved it. Reese and Rob were great and Christopher Waltz was amazing. Loved Rosie (the elephant) and I loved the ending. Well done!!!!
posted by Betty b on Apr 23, 2011
It's about a action and a reaction. If a emotional need is not met it can lead to very unpleasant scornful review. We must remember critics are "FANS TOO" and can be selectively giddy when given honorable praises to whom "they" deem worthy. The entire cast did a beautiful job, and Robert Pattinson continues to show he is a movie star.
posted by annoyed on Apr 23, 2011
i read the book 2 yrs ago, love it . i knew they would change some of it . it didn't bother me , robert did a great job portraying the character.i am not a child ,a teen or a twi-mom. just a moviegoer.kinda reminds me of johnny depp &brad pitt when they started out they got trashed , i guess now it's pattinson turn. you don't like the movie fine but there is no need to use the internet to insult and trash someone . i think is crass and ignorant.for your information there were no teens in the theatre i went to . he will perfect his craft of course like all the others before him that were told they couldn't act , now they are perceive as great performers . so really give the guy a break , i'm sure within 3 yrs or so all of this crap will be over , you will find someone else to trash.christoph waltz really made 3 movies in the U.S don't see anyone crtisize him for being in "the green hornet" where his character was similar to "bastards" , i guess if you win an oscar you can't do no wrong!!!i still believe movie critics are failed actors or screenwriters also a critic can only give their own personal opinion they are not an expert on anything exept to spew venom on artist they don't particularly like. the movie did't ruin the book because the writer herself like it i guess her opinion doesn't count either.. god ! i loathe stupidity and it's all over this place.......
posted by femroc on Apr 23, 2011
Critics are saying he's pouty????????? Well, hell, his parents have just died, he lost his home, he lost his career..........what the hell is he supposed to do??????? Skip along happily and smile????? Screw critics - they know nothing! Rob was great, Christoph amazing and Reese fantastic. period! Go see this movie NOW.
posted by Allie on Apr 22, 2011
I read the post by Nina and I have to agree! All these sites are very young girls that are constantly saying you're jealous if you can't see Robert Pattinson for what he truly is. Plus these girls don't go see Robert's movies because he's a good actor they go to drool over him. Somone could film him going to the bathroom for 2 hours and these girls would go see it and swear it deserves an academy award.I really feel sorry for Robert because he will act like he doesn't care but you know it really bothers him that all he will ever be is a teenagers heartthrob. I also agree that the movie was a disappointment. I didn't expect any real acting from Robert but I thought Reese would be so good that it wouldn't be so obvious. Reese's share of the failure is greater because I think she could of given Robert some pointers. As mean as Christopher Waltz was you keep wanting him in the scenes, he was so good at playing the bad guy.Once again all the young girls will go see it and it will have a financial sucess which will further seal Robert into only doing light love stories for the young. At the same time his fans help him they also ruin his life by sealing his fate.
posted by Trish on Apr 22, 2011
I saw the movie and if people are being real it was not a good movie.It did not hold my interest and I like RP but this was not a hit,but more like a miss.I think most of the people who are saying they like it are basing it on their RP infatuation.If this movie had of been cast with some other guy than him people would be singing a different tune.It was lacking and it was not just him it was the movie.I agree with the critics,sorry but I do.
posted by nina on Apr 22, 2011
Robert Pattinson is destined to only do movies that young girls can go see. That's his only audience. If you don't believe me read all the post from all these websites. All young girls throwing a fit that people who are not attracted to Robert are awful. Robert has a small following of older females but not enough to ensure a profit for more grown up roles. I'm sure this is very embarassing for him to know he will always be doing the same type of movies over and over.I saw WFE in New York and the movie ruined the book. Robert played a tan version of Edward. Robert wore that sad doomed look. There was no chemistry between Robert and Reese.Robert did a bad job but Reese did terrible. I mean Reese has proven she can act but you don't see it in this movie. Christopher and the elephant did a great job of acting.
posted by Jezebel on Apr 22, 2011
This movie was great and the heck with the Critics they are just jealous they will never have the talent or his fan base...Go see the movie it's great...
posted by just me on Apr 22, 2011 bad,Tomatoes will never ever get over Robert's success in Twilight. forgive him already :..-(
posted by TornadoAlli on Apr 22, 2011
He's a very good actor and I thought he did a wonderful job in Water for Elephants. It was a very good movie. Frankly, I'm tired of movie critics.
posted by Arkansas on Apr 22, 2011
I saw Water for Elephants and it is WONDERFUL! Robert Pattinson is so gorgeous and no doubt can act, too!
posted by RobFan42 on Apr 22, 2011
Why does he have to prove himself over & over? I am a big fan of his and I like the Twilight movies. I recognize that the books were not expertly written and that the movies are also not top notch drama. I became interested in them because of Rob's{and Kristen's} acting. They are what draws us in. I think he does a great job as Edward and in all of the other movies I've seen in him.

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