Video: Justin Bieber Exits the Stage in Tears

July 03, 2010 06:41:17 GMT

The teen pop singer is overcome with emotion and sheds tears when singing a song about his parents' divorce in a Cincinnati concert.

Justin Bieber
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Justin Bieber got a little emotional during a recent concert in Cincinnati. The Canadian pop idol broke down when performing "Down to Earth", the song about his parents' divorce. Apparently struggling with his feeling, he quickly left the stage just after the track was finished.

Soon after the "Baby" hitmaker exited the stage, one of his band's members took over the set and entertained concertgoers with solo guitar performance. Bieber's pictures were displayed on the huge screen during the set.

Taken from 2009 album "My World", "Down to Earth" is deemed the most personal song Justin Bieber has ever written. "Because it's about how my mom and dad split up when I was at a young age. It's just about everyday life and how there are struggles," he said in an interview with Twist Magazine earlier this year.

"My parents splitting up is definitely not one of the highlights of my life. It's sad, (in a divorce) the kid experiences feeling like one of his parents left. It makes you not feel so good," he shared more. "I think a lot of kids have had their parents split up, and they should know that it wasn't because of something they did."


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posted by me,myself n i on Jan 05, 2011
I wish pple wld leave justin alone coz its none of your busines wot he does n if your parents hve never divorced then dnt judje him coz u dnt know hw it feels.Yeah so many parents divorce bt it feels the same way to every kid in the world includin him!
posted by Sum 1 on Oct 24, 2010
Listen Here Iam A girl ANd I love... I am no liker of Justin Bieber but right now I feel for him. And its not my folt if u r a stupid, jelous ##### But right now I know what he has been through coz my parents are divorced and I cry bout it evryday
posted by 89023479273489237 on Oct 12, 2010
I think "i know" is right?
posted by I know! on Oct 12, 2010
oops I forgot this part... then he thinks about it to much then he gets all emotional yeah thats all!?
posted by I know! on Oct 12, 2010
so the song makes him remember about the moment, well the picture of his parents getting divorced or fighting or arguing maybe!k?
posted by I know! on Oct 12, 2010
well is this song about getting divorced? cause if it is then i know the reason why. its because his parents got divorced when he was like 2 years ols or 2 months old and his dad remarried k?
posted by john on Sep 11, 2010
I'm not a fan of Justin, but I feel sorry for the kid.
posted by anonymous fan on Sep 09, 2010
hi justin. I read about u so much in the magazine, papers, internet..nd yeah i know u live a hard life before u became famous. I just wanna say congrats! I love all of ur songz.your the best entertainer of all time nd sumtimes its okay to cry. Every human being in this world will surely cry. Sumtimes when u cry it makes u feel better. Take care. Hope to meet u in person one day. God bless u n ur family. Bye! With love from ur anonymous fan.
posted by jb lova 4eva on Sep 04, 2010
AWW poor Jb omg that seriously is a sad song though i listen to it everyday n yer i luv u JB you are always going to be a special place in my heart n to all hatez u have no reason 2 hate JB u need to get a life he has done nothing rong to anyone he is so sweet n i love him till death <3 luv u 4eva JB
posted by im a girl and i love on Aug 23, 2010
ohh and 2 TherealJBfan_4eva r a sore loser nobdy likes jb any more and if u like him u must be on someting rite now and i do have a life and it dosent envalve justin and im a hater and i love them 2 sooo i really dont care loser
posted by im a girl and i love on Aug 23, 2010
for all the girls who like justin u must be bind or stuped but dude u have 2 suck it up man even though im not a guy u still have 2 suck it in u frieken cry baby u need 2 stop sindind becuz i dont want my friends 2 sing baby its 2 stuped and i know bieber u must be crying agian ohh and fo all the girls that r hating me I LOVE HATERS sooo dont be hating cuz u aient me suck it in bieber
posted by HPFanSQS on Aug 22, 2010
AWWW! Its Okay To Cry Sometimes!! :-)
posted by chimmi2shoes on Aug 16, 2010
hey jb u k im from london can u make usher my friend bye
posted by gynkaithleen on Aug 14, 2010
its hard to hold back e tears. If after crying make you feel better, go ahead. All e fans will support you in everything you do.
posted by what\'s with all the on Aug 10, 2010
awww...he must feel bad now to cry in public but he can't controll his emotions and neither can anyone else...and to kelly, have feeling for the poor guy...i know just because he's famous (and apparently to many people he's cute)he gets more sympathy but still don't hate his actions because your not a fan...i really dont like him but i am not complaining
posted by twix on Aug 10, 2010
i am really not a fan of justin but i do feel bad for him...but it's not like other parents don't get divorced, he's just famous so he gets more sympathy
posted by sarah on Aug 08, 2010
I feel really sad for him
posted by jbfan4eva on Jul 30, 2010
Awww, it's so sad. It's makes me cry when he crys. P.S. Boys: When you say "I hate Justin Bieber" It's just because you're not Justin Bieber. You're just jealous.
posted by gebabe on Jul 26, 2010
Aww thats so sad justin!! AND all you haters SHUT UP ABOUT JUSTIN! Every boddy has emotions sometimes! love you so much and forever!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx
posted by Anzy on Jul 16, 2010
Awwwww Bless You Justin Babess :( Aww I Know Its Hardd For You But Hang In There, Keep Strong! Love Youu LOADS !! <3 xxxxxxxxx :D
posted by i dont care on Jul 15, 2010
who makes a song about divorce anyway i mean yay divorce it doesnt sound right does it p.s.i'll say what i want I HATE JUSTIN BEIBER I HATE JUSTIN BEIBER c:
posted by brittne jb fan il on Jul 15, 2010
do not talk about my boy frind tramp.
posted by brittne jb fan il on Jul 15, 2010
I live in akron OHIO justin bieber is SOOOOOOO.HOTTTTT.
posted by /brittne JBfan i l on Jul 15, 2010
that was sad but I LOVE U Ican not what to see justin bieber . / and for the other b...... back OFF
posted by brittne on Jul 15, 2010
you can not tell me what to do justin bieber is my boy frind
posted by love ya Justin on Jul 13, 2010
aww just watched the video hes so cute im sad now. xxxx
posted by love ya Justin on Jul 13, 2010
Awww i almost cryed when i read what hapend love u Justin!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
posted by cheez<3 on Jul 12, 2010
whats with this justin bieber guy??
posted by justin beiber on Jul 12, 2010
posted by cute on Jul 12, 2010
i lovre you jb your so cute
posted by cute on Jul 12, 2010
i love you
posted by #1jbfan on Jul 11, 2010
Awwwww :( poor justin it will be okay u rock!
posted by cheez<3 on Jul 11, 2010
think he will never read this... :/JUSTIN JUST KEEP SMILIN':) see my comment be4 this...
posted by lenae on Jul 11, 2010
aww justin i feel the same way to your not the only one iam pretty sure theres more parents the are divorced everytime i see u smile i smile and when i see you cry i cry keep up the good work justin i am your biggest fan i love you <3 :]
posted by jb#1fan on Jul 10, 2010
omg im cryinbg right now justin please dont cry because when you cry i cry and when you smile i smile love you justin
posted by justinbieberfan#1 on Jul 10, 2010
I am very confused please help me. i like justin Beiber BUT i am afraid. i have a reputation in liking another band Any advice I really love Justin Bieber he is hot, cute and i just love him I dont know if i should just forget about justin bieber or if i should just forget about the other band i love.
posted by justinbieberfan#1 on Jul 10, 2010
Hey Justin I use to hate u but then i decided to search u up and learn more about u. Now i really like u I just have one ? for u DO u hate me because of this i am so srry i am crying PLease answer soon :(
posted by justinbieberfan#1 on Jul 10, 2010
Hey Justin , i just wanted to say that i feel so bad for u, when u cried on the stage i cried, i just wanted to let u know that all ur fans are here for u, i love to make people laugh and i think u have a great smile, i think i am ur favorite fan. Bye
posted by tasia manay on Jul 08, 2010
aww i feel the same way you do and others did too because when iwas a little girl my parents had a fight and my father was not in my life but it was hard on me but i just kept on smiling but when i saw u cry i did too im 1 of ur biggest fans so all ya haterz can stop hatin cuz justin will always be better than you
posted by Xplicit on Jul 08, 2010
Justin you can keep your voice! Just cut off your balls sissyboy! ...Oh wait you don't have any : s
posted by kiner24 on Jul 07, 2010
aww thats sad my mom and dad just divorce and i know how you fell divorce is a really bad thing know i cant remember my dad ever being with me and he was really every day. its been a year almost and i still cry about it to. <3 :)
posted by JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!< on Jul 07, 2010
I'm soo soo sorry! I feel so bad, the song down to earth makes me think about my grandma, whitch I found out on my birthday:( I feel the same way, I hope you comment back, and read this:) I love u;) keep smiling:D
posted by cheez<3 on Jul 06, 2010
hey justin... I feel so sad 'bout this... My parents just have a great fight, and they said they can't split up coz we're christians... I try not to cry 4 my lil sister... And i think u should too, i know u can make it... 4 ur lil sist and ur lil bro... Keep smilin' :)! ur smile makes many people happy ^_^ Hope u read this(: have a nice and blessed day!
posted by dazy>** on Jul 06, 2010
i feel sooo sorry i realy cried cuz i imagined if my paremts got divorce n i felt da same way u felt.hope u felt better after u cried.luv u jb!!!
posted by justinbiebersgurl on Jul 05, 2010
i started crying when i saw this. those girls r gonna be hated for the rest of their lives. <3 u justin
posted by michelle on Jul 05, 2010
justin bieber is soooo cute and i know someday hes gonna find his lucky girl
posted by JEP on Jul 05, 2010
Hey Kelly, it's sad that your parents split because of you. JB is making big bucks. I don't blame you for feeling inadequate.
posted by Narjes-jojoalhalwa on Jul 05, 2010
Please jb dnt cry... I feel 4 u.. I'm so sorry 4 u,i feel u.. Dnt worry about that!! U know my dad passed away when i was like u.. It's ok justin dnt cry any more on the stage.. Look, ur fans love u, ur not alone!! I.v.u... Please can u give ur number
posted by Love jb portia macha on Jul 05, 2010
Dnt wori u'll get thrgh this.My father left me eva since i was 3yrs until nw at de age 16, bt i jst hanged in de,so hang nd it wil b fyn.I love u jb.
posted by lol on Jul 05, 2010
must be nice having a father and money you little pussy
posted by Paramorecrazy on Jul 05, 2010
Im not really a big fan of Justin Bieber, and if anyone asked me what is my favorite song by him id probably wouldnt be able to answer that! But i know it is probably tough on him, if something happened like that with my parents it would be hard on me too! i know its even harder for you, because you already go through enough. i am so sorry about this, and i hope that it gets better for you. just think about it, life is a climb. (Its the climb). just keep moving no matter how much it hurts, i promise it will get better. God bless you Justin and stay safe. Bless your parents, and everyone else!
posted by justin beaver<3 on Jul 04, 2010
awww it's sad he was crying but seriously girls (and boys) you need to get over him cos it'll probably make him feel scared as well wen theres so many paedos in love with him.. :P and also why is everyone saying 'dat and dis' its really sad :/
posted by LittleMs.biEbeR on Jul 04, 2010
posted by Krazi4_bieber on Jul 04, 2010
Aww dats so sad i went thru dat 2. Nd all u bieber haters go skrew ur self. At least he got feeling not lik yall motherfuckers!!!
posted by Sucks on Jul 04, 2010
I Know Just get Over It And Move On
posted by oshmon on Jul 04, 2010
hi justin
posted by dave on Jul 04, 2010
his voice is getting lower. Feel sorry for adult musicians who ride in his time to make money. Your skills are way better than this flash in the pan youngster.
posted by alex on Jul 04, 2010
Wow I can not express how much I hate this guy. When all you 13 year old girls out there grow up and realise what your saying you'll be like what the fuck was I thinking can't believe I liked this motherfucker, I'm such a loser!
posted by i\'/m so...fair! on Jul 04, 2010
i'm sad nw!!! i wish i wz dere!!! To support u!!
posted by # on Jul 04, 2010
Awwwwww i feel 4 u!!!
posted by Tham...x on Jul 04, 2010
i fink Justin deserves sum sympathy!!!! these things are emotinal...Justin dn't b embarasd!! atleast u gt da headlines ... lol
posted by i\'m so fair...! on Jul 04, 2010
i wn't say justins da best buhh dat is so sweet n cute!! i feel 4 him!!!! I fink he's gt a life and dese things do get 2 people!!! So stop sayin BAd things bout him......
posted by Krazi4_bieber on Jul 04, 2010
I luhv yuh Justin!! Nd all u haters stop writting shit about him pinche putos vallanse a la verga... !!
posted by lynn on Jul 04, 2010
hi justin love ya
posted by hateful! on Jul 04, 2010
us get a life at least we dont obsest about a boy that wont evennotice u!!!
posted by jaz on Jul 04, 2010
sorry jb u can count on me
posted by jaz on Jul 04, 2010
awww im so sorry jb if u get to need anything just text me back xxxxxxxx im sorry baby i love justin bieber
posted by luvjustinb on Jul 04, 2010
i love you baby lol your song ND bloody marry bequiet also all of you people stop with the rude comments keep it to your self
posted by luvjustinb on Jul 04, 2010
justin i wish i could have been there to comfort you i would have made you laugh and smile luv you even though you don't know i am out here and the song sonmebody to love love juat like all your other song
posted by luvjustinb on Jul 04, 2010
all you people who are saying bad comments of him leave him alone it's his life and he loves his fans so you haters out there shut up
posted by bieber lover on Jul 04, 2010
please justin don't cry. i know what your'e going through, and i know how you feel. i know it's sad but please don't cry. i feel for you. all you people that's saying bad stuff about him just stop. i will always have your back justin. i love you, your biggest fan ashley.
posted by Hello! on Jul 04, 2010
Who would wanna cry on stage??
posted by HBpencil on Jul 04, 2010
Poor Justin! He's probably feeling very embarrased! :(
posted by kelly on Jul 04, 2010
To Bloody Mary, that boredom comment was fucking hilarious!! Just laughed out loud now people are looking at me :)
posted by Tonia on Jul 04, 2010
Justen Bieber fangirls piss me off. We're not jealous of some stupid kid. And your last name is not, and never will be, Bieber. Get over yourselves and go get a life.
posted by ilovejb on Jul 04, 2010
posted by paigewest on Jul 04, 2010
Heey justin I fapped over you just last night, I'm still wet right now Call me 8742- you know the rest ;) And abraham omar is so sexy and awesome.
posted by klisss on Jul 04, 2010
posted by paigeebabess. on Jul 04, 2010
shut up hotchocolatee. xx
posted by ABRAHAMOMAR on Jul 04, 2010
heeey justin i love u and and yes im a guy but man i love u i cnt get u out of my head marry me
posted by hotchocolate on Jul 04, 2010
Paige west is a homo!
posted by paigeebabess. on Jul 04, 2010
awws im like a huge jb fan and watching this is soo sad and all you fucking haters of justin fuck off he did nithing to you okay and divorce is real hard and use are only bagging him becausee your jelous and wishingg you were him dont deny it.
posted by bsilly69 on Jul 03, 2010
justin is gay!
posted by silly on Jul 03, 2010
justin bieber get a beter job to do u r makeing people cry o wate u dont got a job
posted by Justin BLAH-ber on Jul 03, 2010
heh.. so we have Usher and his troupe to blame for this winy kid.
posted by bieberlover on Jul 03, 2010
im srry justin 4ever and always bieberlover
posted by Aww I have so much a on Jul 03, 2010
Gay-lookin' ass... kids' parents divorce every day. Get the fuck over it. Children are out there being abused and don't have an opportunity to say anything about it. He needs to grow a pair and get the fuck off the stage crying and shit... and these little girls need to stop being so fucking into him because he's worth nothing to this world. Damn...
posted by anti bieber on Jul 03, 2010
puf mm po capavle de rester avec ses fans il m'exaspere
posted by Who cares? on Jul 03, 2010
Grow up! Oh that's right you're only 16. Well go back to school then. Bloody kids!
posted by TOMA BIEBER on Jul 03, 2010
posted by Gr on Jul 03, 2010
Wow, thats not easy. My hat definetly goes off to a performer of that age to have to deal with singing a song with so much meaning behind it every night, Things will be alright Justin.
posted by Hater on Jul 03, 2010
I feel like keeling this motherfucker he is a big losssssssser
posted by Bloody MARY on Jul 03, 2010
wow I hate jb
posted by Bloody MARY on Jul 03, 2010
I was at his concerts and almost died of boredom
posted by Bloody MARY on Jul 03, 2010
posted by katie ferguson on Jul 03, 2010
AWWWW!! so sad that happen im gonna cry!!! hate that it hapened if any body else is not there i will be!!! <3
posted by bieber lover on Jul 03, 2010
awww my baby was crying
posted by mystery man on Jul 03, 2010
omg i feel so sad for him i was sad wene my parents got a divorce too thats some deep shit right thier :(
posted by y7kyyik on Jul 03, 2010
posted by kelly on Jul 03, 2010
What a gaylord! My parents split up when I was 12 and it was sad but he was so young when his parents split up that he wouldn't remember so don't know why he crying about it. Hate this motherfucker!
posted by littleladygaga01 on Jul 03, 2010
that guitarist should get payed a heck of a lot extra for doing that lol
posted by Chozen1 on Jul 03, 2010
First Chris Brown now Justin Bieber... whos next lol
posted by TherealJBfAN_4eva on Jul 03, 2010
Aww thats so sad !!! Poor Justin and by the way all you HATERS BETTER PISS OFF AND DROP DEAD GET A LIFE LOZAS!!!!! LOVE YA FOREVER JB!!!XXXXXXXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxX
posted by jb on Jul 03, 2010
<3 aww

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