Michael Jackson Mad at Those Booking 50 Gigs in London

June 02, 2009 03:37:21 GMT

Michael Jackson himself has revealed his fury toward those who schedule him for 50 concerts at London's O2 Arena, stating that he wants to take his shows around the world instead.

Michael Jackson
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Apparently thinking that having 50 live concerts in one place is too much, Michael Jackson is angry toward his people who have booked him London's O2 Arena for the live concerts. After doing a rehearsal at Los Angeles' Burbank Studios, he says he only agrees to have 10 gigs in one residence because he plans to embark on a world tour.

"Thank you for your love and support, I want you guys to know I love you very much. I don't know how I'm going to do 50 shows. I'm not a big eater - I need to put some weight on," Michael shares his resentment. "I'm really angry with them booking me up to do 50 shows. I only wanted to do 10, and take the tour around the world to other cities, not 50 in one place."

Earlier this week, Akon hinted that Michael Jackson may lip-sync for his London concerts. "Michael singing I'm not so sure about. He will perform but not sing," the R&B singer said. Though so, Akon insisted the gigs will be amazing. He added, "I'm going to have front row tickets. I will have the best tickets in the house and will be so close to the stage you will think that I am on it."

Michael's concert at London's O2 Arena was supposed to be kicked off on July 8 but it has been pushed back to July 13. Worse than that, a rumor emerged suggesting the King of Pop will scrap several dates because he reportedly suffers from skin cancer.


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posted by I LOVE MICHAEL JACKS on Jun 08, 2009
I was watching the Today show, and I caught 10 seconds of giving away 2 FREE tickets to MJ's concert in London! I wanna win it so bad! I Love Michael and I always will! If I can't win those tickets, I dunno what I'll do with myself! I just gotta win them, or Michael needs to come to Tasmania, Australia to perform. Believe me, this IS NOT his last performance. It can't be!
posted by N. D on Jun 02, 2009
We all love wacko not 50 concert in one place. Pls wacko am waiting for in atlanta
posted by Luv_wacko on Jun 02, 2009
I don't think it's the right thing to do. Wacko jacko should just spread the show, not 50 concert in one place
posted by JulieluvsMj on Jun 02, 2009
Like Little Richard says, tell akon to Shut UP!
posted by JulieluvsMj on Jun 02, 2009
I wrote him a letter,after Living with Michael Jackson aired, told him he would be okay and that he didn't realize just how many ppl really loved him. LOL Well I guess now he knows, I wasn't lying. 50 sold out concerts? Unprecedented in music history. And he could have sold out many more! Who else could do that but the KING OF POP! Nuff Said! I guess I proved my point. I would never lie to the King of Pop! Go Michael!If he has the right support, his family, fans, etc. he really can do this. If he wants to.
posted by LuvMichael! on Jun 02, 2009
Damn. I wouldn't want to do 50 shows in one place either. I would come see you in Atlanta, Michael, even if you felt like sitting on a stool the whole time.
posted by mj rules on Jun 02, 2009
aaaah... i ment write :D
posted by mj rules on Jun 02, 2009
he would never say such a thing... you gotta think before you wright ;) a world tour is much heavier than giving a cetrain amount of shows in one place.

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