Rubicon Episode 1.09 No Honesty in Men
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Rubicon Episode 1.09 No Honesty in Men

Episode Premiere
Sep 19, 2010
Production Company
Warner Horizon Television
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Episode Premiere
Sep 19, 2010
2010 - 2010
Production Co
Warner Horizon Television
Official Site
Alan Taylor
Eliza Clark
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • Michael Cristofer
  • Michael Gaston
  • Natalie Gold

Will hastily packs a bag and goes over to the apartment of the woman he's been seeing through his window. Despite the late hour, she invites him in, introducing herself as Andy. As they converse, Andy notices Will eyeing his apartment. "I can't go home," he explains, "because my apartment is bugged."

After initially telling Andy he is a historian, Will admits that he works as an analyst. He then asks to use her bathroom. Bringing his bag in with him, he pulls out a stack of files and papers and hides it on top of a cabinet. He briefly considers hiding his gun there as well but opts instead to wrap it in a shirt and shove it to the bottom of his bag.

Andy offers to videotape what's happening in Will's apartment. As they set up her camera, she peppers Will with questions about his marital status, eventually deducing that his wife died. She immediately apologizes.

Early the next morning, Spangler interrupts Kale's prework run to offer him some tea. After asking Kale if he expects Will to come to work that day, Spangler recites, "There's no trust, no faith, no honesty in men."

Kale correctly identifies the quote as being from Romeo and Juliet, then asks, "Am I worried about Will?"

"No," Spangler replies.

Grant's wife, Lisa, visits him at API to tell him that she's been fired from her job. Concerned about their family's financial fate, Lisa asks why Grant can't earn more money. "I like what I do," he says.

Katherine meets with Tom's first wife, Gidge, in Central Park and shows her the photo of the seven boys at the beach. Gidge identifies one of the boys in the photo as Gerald Bradley. The image is a message, says Katherine, "but I don't know what it means."

At API, Miles informs Will that the CIA has revealed that Tanaz Sahar was killed three days earlier and that there is a massive amount of related intelligence to analyze. Will tells Miles that Tanya will be unavailable for 28 days because she's in rehab.

In the hallway, Maggie apologizes to Will. He brushes her off.

In the conference room, Will offers the team's temporary new member, Julia Harwell, a hasty welcome and then begins discussing Tanaz. The team needs to determine whether she was involved in a terrorist plot to [redaction] .

Will meets Kale on the API roof and tells him that he destroyed one of the bugs in his apartment. "I can't protect you if you don't trust me," says Kale.

"I don't trust you," Will replies.

At her apartment, Andy snoops through Will's bag and discovers the gun.

Will finds Miles in the API cafeteria and gives him a transcript of a meeting between Tanaz and Paul Green, an Iranian intelligence agent. Julia rushes in and interrupts to relate her discovery that Tanaz received e-mails containing a code commonly used by low-level Iranian operatives. Grant walks by and offers that he just received unconfirmed intelligence indicating that Kateb is alive.

Will tells the team they must determine if the CIA or Iranian intelligence discovered that Tanaz was a double agent and then had her killed. He then confounds everyone by announcing that he's leaving for the day.

Will arrives at Andy's apartment and finds the door unlocked. Stepping inside, he sees his gun on the coffee table and picks it up. Andy sidles into the room and kisses him, but Will pulls away. After removing the gun from Will's hand, Andy kisses him again. This time Will responds, and they make their way to the bedroom.

On [redaction] Street with Walter, Kale abruptly backtracks and asks [redaction] for the time. [redaction] quickly walks away without responding.

Later, in Spangler's office, Kale demands to know if he's being followed. "Is there something I should know?" Kale inquires.

“I could ask you the same question," Spangler replies.

"Is Will a problem?" Kale asks.

"If he is," Spangler replies, "he will be handled, as problems are."

Spangler then tells Kale that he admires two things about him: that, despite promotions and a fancier lifestyle, Kale remains the man he met in Syria with blood on his hands and that Kale doesn't ask questions.

Andy rises from her bed and notices a flashlight beam inside Will's apartment. She alerts Will, who comes to the window and sees Donald Bloom inside his apartment.

At API, Grant tells Miles about Lisa losing her job and the discussion it will prompt about his pay. "She loves you, your wife," Miles says wistfully. "That's something."

Will watches his apartment as Andy sleeps. He receives a call, then slips out without waking her.

Katherine pays a visit to Gerard Bradley's widow, Alice, and shows her the photo. Alice identifies one of the boys as Truxton Spangler, recalling that he showed concern after Gerald died and that he's the director of API, and tells Katherine that Gerald and Truxton once spent summers together at a place called Fishers Island.

Will meets Kale at a diner. "Spangler knows you're working with me," says Kale.

"I'm done working with you," Will replies, citing Bloom's break-in.

Kale gives Will a clipping of Tom Rhumor's obituary, noting that Tom was on the Atlas MacDowell board and pointing out that he died on the same day that the crossword-puzzle code appeared.

"You need me," Kale claims.

"This is over," Will responds.

At API, Spangler drops by Grant's office to compliment his work: "I'm glad to know that you're in place if [Will] should need a rest."

After an awkward exchange, Miles and Julia agree to have a drink. "I told you that I was married before," says Miles. "I'm not anymore." As they exit the building, Katherine walks by and notes the API placard next to the door.

Back at Andy's apartment, Will places the obituary in his research files. "How'd you sleep?" Andy asks him as he slides into bed.

"Like a rock," Will lies.

"I like that you've got a gun," she says.