Rubicon Episode 1.08 Caught in the Suck
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Rubicon Episode 1.08 Caught in the Suck

Episode Premiere
Sep 12, 2010
Production Company
Warner Horizon Television
Official Site
Episode Premiere
Sep 12, 2010
2010 - 2010
Production Co
Warner Horizon Television
Official Site
Ed Bianchi
Blake Masters
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • Michael Cristofer
  • David Rasche
  • Murphy Guyer

As they play chess in a park, Will warns Ed he's being watched. Sucking on the Japanese hard candy Ed gave him, Will asks if Kale can be trusted. "Hell, no," says Ed.

At API, Will and Tanya await a drug test. Maggie uses the opportunity to search Will's office and finds a candy wrapper.

Away from API, Maggie tells Kale that her search turned up nothing but mentions the wrapper. "That's not nothing," Kale replies. He asks Maggie if Will has asked her out, a question she evades.

About to leave work, Tanya pops a pill. Before she can leave API, a CIA agent named Bob informs her and Miles -- just back from his week's suspension -- that the Al Qaeda operative Kateb may have survived the air strike. The CIA needs them to evaluate the interrogation of Achmed Ahmed Nazri, an Egyptian terrorist affiliated with Kateb.

Will seeks Kale's guidance regarding Atlas MacDowell. After referring to the candy wrapper in Will's pocket, Kale tells him to "use Ed" to investigate Atlas. Ed is too fragile, Will argues. As Kale departs, he mentions to Will that it was Maggie who told him about the wrapper.

After a thirteen-and-a-half-hour flight to [redaction] , Tanya and Miles sit in a classified prison. They could be anywhere, observes Miles.

At a private club, Truxton, James Wheeler, R.C. Gilbert, and two other men, [redaction] and [redaction] , discuss world trouble spots. Wheeler comments that the break-in at Katherine's mansion scared her but that she's not a problem.

Bob [redaction] escorts Tanya and Miles to a prison cell where two Jordanians, [redaction] and [redaction] , are interrogating Nazri, who hangs shackled in midair.

Kale visits Ed. "Will's stumbling blind through a minefield," says Kale. He leaves Ed a note with four names on it: Atlas MacDowell, Edward Roy, Donald Bloom, and API.

At API, Maggie admits that spying on Will was a condition of being hired. Will hands her his keys. "Go nuts," he says.

In his cell, Nazri screams in pain. Torture renders his statements unreliable, Miles whispers to Tanya. Only their presence, he continues, is preventing the interrogators from "putting the lies they want to hear in Nazri's mouth."

James Wheeler enters his office and counts out some cash. A woman named [redaction] walks in, picks up the money which she generally gets for [redaction] , then exits. James notices a man with binoculars watching him from a nearby building.

At the prison, Miles and Tanya explain to Bob why Nazri's admissions about Kateb cannot be true. Later, Miles scrutinizes the interrogation transcripts and notes that the question of Kateb hiding out with aid groups keeps recurring.

An agitated Ed visits Will, handing him a stack of papers. He mentions Atlas and "The Leviathan." Will tells Ed he's sorry Kale contacted him.

Miles determines that the CIA is attempting to confirm a connection between Tanaz Sahar and Kateb. He reproaches Bob for wasting their time by concealing the interrogation's real objective.

Will corners Kale in the API elevator, demanding answers. "Dig into Ed's research and find them," says Kale.

In a videoconference, Miles explains to Spangler the CIA's suspicions about Tanaz. Will and Grant hypothesize that Tanaz is a double agent.

Miles and Tanya watch as Nazri prays on a rug. Tanya wonders why "bad guys' believe they're in line with God, while everyone else is "caught in the suck."

James leaves a message for Katherine, apologizing for not being a better friend. Pulling out a pen, he draws a four-leaf clover on the back of the photo he took from Tom's townhouse.

Maggie packs her belongings. When Grant asks about her departure, Will says he needed someone more qualified.

Nazri's interrogation continues. "Poor bastard," says Tanya. Miles has less empathy for a terrorist, but objects to torture "because of what it does to my soul," he says.

Bob announces that Miles and Tanya's work is done and that they'll be flown home shortly. Tanya asks Bob about Tanaz, and Miles taunts him that she was indeed a double-agent.

Kale tells Maggie that she'll have temporary work until a translator's slot opens up and reveals that he alerted Will to her spying. She liked Will too much and would have eventually lied to protect him. "Believe it or not," Kale says, "I'm Will Travers' guardian angel."

Will notices in Ed's research that Garson Security, the investigative firm Edward Roy works for, has the same address as the Citizens Institute. Spangler sits on the institute's board.

Will visits the institute at 125 Gansevoort Street and discovers that Atlas MacDowell also maintains offices there. Will asks about Spangler and is told that Edward Roy handles Spangler's business. Before leaving, Will steals a telephone directory.

Katherine receives an envelope containing the photo James was looking at. A four-leaf clover is drawn on the back.

Spangler informs Tanya about drug treatment programs for people in intelligence. "We take care of our own," he reassures her, "and you are going to be working here a long, long time."

Will reports to Kale that Spangler is involved with Atlas MacDowell, Garson Security, and Citizens Institute, which are in fact "the same damn thing." What's more, he has the telephone directory to prove it.

The conspirators probably killed David, says Kale, though he doesn't know why. "I don't believe you," says Will.

"Then why are you here?" asks Kale.

"Because your name's not in the directory," Will replies.

Back at his apartment, Will removes one of the bugs from its hiding place, then smashes it.