Rubicon Episode 1.10 In Whom We Trust
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Rubicon Episode 1.10 In Whom We Trust

Episode Premiere
Sep 26, 2010
Production Company
Warner Horizon Television
Official Site
Episode Premiere
Sep 26, 2010
2010 - 2010
Production Co
Warner Horizon Television
Official Site
Keith Gordon
Nichole Beattie
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • Vanessa Aspillaga
  • Michael Cristofer
  • Marcia Debonis

Late one night, Kale sweeps his apartment for bugs and finds one in the base of Walter's bedside lamp.

At Andy's apartment the next morning, Will overhears her discussing him on the phone. Andy initially says she was on a business call but later confesses that she was telling her sister about him.

Surprised that Will seems angry, Andy insists that she only referred to him as her "really nice neighbor." She offers Will her keys to use that evening -- if he feels like it, she emphasizes.

Amid unpacked boxes in a new loft apartment located in [redaction] , Katherine is conducting Internet research on Spangler when Will rings her doorbell. Keeping the chain latched, she opens her door a crack.

Will mentions Atlas MacDowell and the crossword puzzles and asks if a four-leaf clover holds any significance for Katherine. She avoids answering directly. As their conversation closes, Will hands Katherine an envelope with instructions on how to get in touch with him. [redaction] monitors the entire exchange from across the street.

Upon returning from rehab, Tanya is demoted by Kale to the document sorting department for three weeks. Will and the team, meanwhile, analyze data about recent bombings, all of which took place at 4:20 p.m., New York time. This is Kateb's signature, Will hypothesizes, meaning that the terrorist remains alive.

Will meets with Katherine at Brooklyn Bridge Park. She describes finding a four-leaf clover near Tom's body and tells Will that Gerald Bradley's wife, Alice, found one near her husband's body after he committed suicide. Bradley was on the Atlas MacDowell board, she adds.

Sophie calls Maggie at work, frightened because her father has left her alone in his motel room. Maggie rushes over to pick her up and confronts Craig when he arrives. He threatens to have Maggie arrested for kidnapping and says he intends to petition for joint custody of Sophie.

Tanya joins Will's team in the cafeteria for lunch but abruptly leaves after Grant begins to talk about Kateb and is silenced by Will because Tanya has lost her security clearance.

After lunch, Will searches in the classified library for reports about world trouble spots where Atlas MacDowell has done business. The librarian reveals that David Hadas was the last person to check out each of the five white papers Will finds about the countries in question.

Kale discovers Sophie in Maggie's work space. When Maggie describes Craig's threats, Kale says that he'll handle the matter for her.

In therapy, Tanya catalogs her drug and alcohol use, speaking at first with bravado before finally admitting that pills and booze "more often than not" make things worse for her rather than better. "I might have a problem with living," she concludes.

In the conference room, the team learns that Kateb has dropped from sight. "We've got a Godot," says Miles. Grant explains to Julia that a "Godot" is when the team can do nothing more than sit and wait until another agency provides new information.

Miles learns that Yuri Popovich has been murdered in Moscow and informs Will, who is on his way out of the office. Yuri’s and Tanaz's deaths indicate that someone is "cleaning house," Will notes. Kale watches as Will again rushes out of the office, leaving Miles to direct the search for Kateb.

Katherine again waits for Will in Brooklyn Bridge Park but instead encounters Donald Bloom, who dictates a message from [redaction] to her: if she sees Will again, he will be killed and so will she and her parents. After Katherine departs, Bloom waits for Will to appear. When Will arrives, Bloom catches his eye and smirks at him as Will walks by.

To avoid facing his wife that evening, Grant helps Tanya catch up on her filing. Meanwhile, Will heads to Katherine's loft, where he spots [redaction] sitting in an SUV out front.

Kale visits Craig's motel room and presents him with a one-way bus ticket to Denver. To persuade Craig to move, Kale grabs him by the throat.

At her apartment, Andy catches Will examining her cell phone's call log to find out whom she called that morning. Will apologizes. "I wasn't always like this," he says.

Spangler, Roy, and Bloom rendezvous on a boat. Spangler is pleased to hear that Will saw Bloom, and Bloom tells Spangler that Katherine won't be a problem. Roy reports on Kale's activities, prompting Spangler to ask, "Could it be that I'm paranoid?"

Roy replies that despite a seemingly normal routine Kale often shakes Roy's operatives, like [redaction] , when they're tailing him and "drops off the grid for hours at a time."

Back at his apartment, Kale presents Walter with a new reading lamp and puts the bugged lamp out on the curb.

At work, Julia shows Miles CIA intel reporting that George Boeck has died. Miles speculates that someone is eliminating everyone connected to Kateb -- not to obscure a past operation but to cover up one in progress.

The next day, Will receives an envelope from Katherine containing the beach photo. Tom, James, Spangler, and Bradley are identified, but [redaction] , [redaction] , and [redaction] are not.

"Please, please, cease any further communication," pleads the accompanying note.