Parks and Recreation

Episode 6.19 : Flu Season 2

  • Parks and Recreation
    • Episode Premiere : April 10, 2014
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 6
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: Deedle-Dee Productions, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

A flu epidemic has been sneezing its way through the Parks department, and Leslie is determined to avoid illness at all costs. Larry has been quarantined, but Leslie is still in a germaphobic mood. Andy is helping Leslie secure bands for the Unity Concert, and they've just hooked Chipp McCapp (Bo Burnham), the biggest name in country music since... the last really famous country music star. Things are looking up for the Unity Concert!

Meanwhile, Tom is heading to a contest at a local vineyard to track down a sommelier for Tom's Bistro. He invites Donna and Craig to join, and Ron, Ben and April invite themselves as well. It's a Parks field trip! At the vineyard, Tom sets his sights on Xander, a young up-and-coming sommelier competing in the contest. Meanwhile, April and Craig decide to enter the competition. April's plan is to ridicule the entire contest, but Craig legitimately wants to exercise his sommelier skills.

Back at the office, Andy delivers some bad news: just when it seemed like Chipp McCapp was a sure bet, the young country star backed out of the Unity Concert. Leslie decides that she and Andy will head to Indianapolis to meet Chipp in person and persuade him to perform at the concert. It's another field trip! Unfortunately, Leslie is hit by a vicious bout of nausea just as they're about to leave. She stops by the pharmacy on her way out of town, but the pharmacist tells her that she's not displaying any symptoms of the flu. What else could be making her nauseous? Leslie decides to grab a pregnancy test on the way out, just in case.

Ben learns that his parents recently sold their lake house, which makes him inexplicably angry. He and Ron take a walk with four bottles of blueberry wine while Ben attempts to draw advice from Ron, but Ron has no interest in hearing about Ben's problems. Ben quickly becomes ridiculously drunk on blueberry wine, and after dropping his phone in a puddle, any contact with Leslie is off the table. Bored, drunk and without any form of communication, Ben and Ron decide to walk back to Pawnee.

Meanwhile, Leslie and Andy meet with Chipp McCapp, who turns out to be a major league jerk. After Chipp aggressively insults Pawnee, Leslie decides that they don't want the young star to perform at the Unity Concert. Andy has a backup plan, though: he'll persuade his all-time favorite musician, Scott Tanner (Wilco's Jeff Tweedy) to reunite his old band, Land Ho, and headline the Unity Concert!

On their walk home from the vineyard, Ben and Ron randomly encounter Ron Dunn, Ron's Eagleton doppelganger. Ben may not be able to milk Ron Swanson for any advice, but Ron Dunn is more than willing to walk Ben through a campfire spirit quest to find the answers he's been seeking.

Tom leaves the vineyard without a sommelier. When the group returns to the office, Craig tells Tom that he wants to be the official sommelier of Tom's Bistro. Craig definitely knows his way around a wine bottle, but his temper makes Tom nervous. Tom decides to run a test serving with Craig, and his over-reactive officemate passes with flying colors. It looks like Tom's found his new sommelier!

Andy tries to convince Scott Tanner to reunite Land Ho and perform at the concert, but Scott refuses. During the conversation, Scott's son recognizes Andy as his children's party alter ego, Johnny Karate. After a kids' song jam session, Scott agrees to bring Land Ho to the Unity Concert.

After a really long day, Ben arrives home to find Leslie waiting for him. During his time with Ron Swanson, he learned that Ron's family consistently puts life's problems into perspective, and Ben wants to start a family. Luckily, Leslie has some good news for Ben: she's pregnant!






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