Parks and Recreation

Episode 5.07 : Leslie vs April

  • Parks and Recreation
    • Episode Premiere : November 15, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: Deedle-Dee Productions, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

While in D.C. picking up the rest of Ben's things, Ben and Leslie are admiring their future home, The White House. When Leslie's President in 2020 (or maybe 2024, if we're being realistic here), she'll take the West Wing and graciously offer Ben the East. He's on board, but first he wants to give her an engagement present. Ben takes Leslie's hand and leads her down the street as the scene cuts to a prestigious-looking conference room, at the end of which Vice President Joe Biden is addressing a few members of his team. Turns out Ben called in a few (hundred) favors so that Leslie can meet her hero. As Biden compliments her on the public service she's been doing for Indiana, Leslie can barely contain herself. She thanks him and puts her hands on his face and tries to pull him in close. To Leslie, Biden's the definition of a silver fox, and his politics aren't too shabby either. Ben awkwardly pulls the giggling and blushing Leslie away before she can do any more damage.

At City Hall, Ben tells Chris about the great package he's been given by an accounting firm, not to mention a pretty sweet windbreaker. Since Ben is settling down and getting married, he needed a good, stable job. Just call him Bond. Municipal Bond. When Tom hears about Ben's new accounting gig, he enlists Ben's help with the math side of things regarding his new company, the one that rents upscale clothing to middle school kids. Ben agrees to take a look at his business plan. In the conference room, April's in the middle of giving Leslie a rather impressive presentation on Pawnee's lack of dog parks. Off camera, Leslie's emotional about how April is finally (finally) living up to her potential, but things go south when April reveals she's planning on building that park in Lot 48. Leslie's been trying to put a park there for four years, and she claims she's got dibs on the precious space.

Andy walks into the office and realizes something is amiss on his desk. His laptop is missing, and he's delighted. About a month ago, he told everyone in the office that they should steal something from him at one point so that he can conduct an investigation as practice for his police academy entrance exam. Let the games begin! Outside, Ben compliments Tom on a sensible, well-thought-out business plan, particularly its wise exclusion of R. Kelly lyrics. Although Ben denies the CFO position Tom offers, he promises he'll help out as a friend.

Leslie, Ann, and April are scoping out a new potential zone for the dog park. Too bad they're in the middle of a cement hellhole that looks like a place a ska band would go to shoot heroin. Leslie really tries to sell the place to April, but April refuses to budge. She's going to bring up her Lot 48 idea at the next city council meeting, and there's nothing Leslie can do about it. Leslie's not going down without a fight though. She even gives herself a fake pep talk as Joe Biden.

The next day Leslie steps into Ron's office and asks him how he used to slow her down when she would get too... Leslie. Though she covers it up with a sham story, Leslie's trying to conduct research on how she can stop April. Ron shares some of his golden tactics, like giving Leslie silly busy work and distracting her with waffles. "Just figure out what they're passionate about and express interest in it," Ron advises Leslie. That's how you divert one's attention. The scene cuts to April and Leslie stepping into a performance art piece that April's friend Owen is in, called "Human Farm." Inspecting the scene, which includes actors dressed up as dead, or dying, animals, Leslie attempts to show awe and enthusiasm at the moving (aka heavy handed) statement.

Later that day, Tom and Ben are speaking with Jessica Wicks, trying to establish an alliance between Rent-A-Swag and Sweetums. Though Jessica praises Tom's latest business venture, she instead offers Ben a job as the head runner of Sweetum's new non-profit foundation. Back at City Hall, Andy tries to interrogate Jerry about his missing laptop. He tells him that legally, Jerry's got to tell Andy the truth about whether or not he's the thief. Jerry denies doing anything. Off camera, Andy admits that he can never really tell when people are lying to him, and hopes it won't be an issue that interferes with his police work. Back at "Human Farm," Leslie tries to inspire April to pioneer an arts program, but April sees right through Leslie's gimmicks. She leaves the exhibit to talk to Councilman Jamm, who supports her motion for the dog park.

Ben and Tom have moved on to their next meeting, where Ben is pitching a local television show to do a profile on Rent-A-Swag. They pass, but recognizing Ben from his campaign work, they offer him a job as a correspondent on their new political chat show. Tom can't believe they'd pass up a shorter, Indian version of Ryan Gosling for Ben. When Andy accuses Chris of stealing his laptop, Chris reveals that another computer was stolen from one of the offices. No one's playing a trick on Andy; it looks like a real robbery is unfolding. Later at the council meeting, April takes the stand. Before she can even get a sentence out, Councilman Jamm swoops in and informs everyone that parks are stupid. What Lot 48 needs is to be a home for Paunch Burger, Pawnee's favorite fast-food restaurant, especially since it'll get the town a nice profit. As for the help he previously offered April? Psych!

April and Leslie sit across from one another as Ann and Ron try to mediate their reconciliation. Ann refuses to let either of them leave the office until they figure something out. Meanwhile, Andy's asking the cop called in to investigate the theft what the next move is - maybe they can leave out a sham laptop full of explosives for the robbers to grab. The policeman explains to Andy that most police work is just writing down reports. It's no superhero stuff, and if that sounds boring to Andy he should seek out a different occupation. Elsewhere in Pawnee, a downtrodden Tom seems to have given up on his job search. Maybe he should just stick with his boring day job. Ever positive, Ben encourages him to keep going after what he's truly passionate about.

In the conference room, Leslie finally apologizes for not supporting April, while April admits that she still has a lot to learn from Leslie. The three women, finally working together instead of against one another, plan to take down Jamm. Meanwhile, Leslie, April, Ann, and dozens of the neighborhood's dogs and kids have set up camp on Jamm's front lawn. He's furious, but Leslie informs him that that since there are no parks in his neighborhood, nobody has anywhere else to play. Jamm agrees that in 30 days they'll put it to a vote and see who wins, fair and square. Later that day as Ben is being showed around his new office at the accounting firm, he takes one look at the faceless co-workers and pale, hollow walls, and realizes he should follow Leslie's advice and do something he actually wants to do. He just hopes leaving stability, health insurance, and an above-average paycheck behind is worth it.






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